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Test results

Hello dear people, I had my second test results today; and I'm so bemused. I was expecting the need for the dosage to be upped, because I'm feeling no better, & 25mg is such a low dose! I was told the range was normal " TSH level = 2.9 mlU/L. Last test was 6.5.

I asked for the results to be printed out for me to be taken away, & the GP duly complied .. Very nice of her.

I expected there to be lots of numbers, but there weren't. However, I noticed she printed my whole history out, and I found it very interesting that I had my spine X rayed in January ( at my request) because my back is so bad that I have to sleep on an incline now ( I made a huge wedge shaped pillow, which- thank God, lets me sleep better). I was told by the GP that there was nothing wrong with my spine ( according to the X Ray), and my back pain was caused by being overweight.

So there it was, just lose weight. I've been battling with my weight all my life, so no easy task there.

But on the print out the gp gave me today, it states "mild facet arthrosis seen".

She didn't mention that.

I looked it up, and it a degenerative disease that's only going to get worse. But she said lose weight.

WTF? If this is mild, God help me when it gets worse.

Bad day, dark days ahead.

I've managed to obtain a low dose of Armour, so I'm going to try it, see if it helps. Got to try something.. Anything to have some energy again.

I've asked for a blood test to see my iron,vit D, etc levels.. Test is on Monday. I expect they will be normal, on paper I am perfect, so why the hell do I feel like the walking dead ? And how can I learn to not care how I physically feel anymore? I must learn to not be crippled by this feeling of being made of lead and rotting to death ?

Sorry to be so miserable but I feel like I'm up against a wall. ( I bet the fact that it's a full moon tomorrow doesn't help! )

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The problem when only tsh is tested is exactly what you have now,no way of knowing what the ft3 and ft4 are doing,which is more relevant when on thyroxine treatment. Chances are an increase would help bring down the tsh figure and increase the others but it's an unknown can only go by how you feel,and push for the other tests,or a small increase,or get tested privately I s'pose.

Try not to be too concerned about the arthrosis,it's another word for osteoarthritis and is naturally what comes as we get older,those darn aches and pains we were all told about!.painful at times I know!

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#soppysal ; thanks that does help, I did ask for the T4 & T3 to be checked & she said there was no need, or something to that effect. She did mention that she keeps getting asked that question by other patients, & has forwarded this to an endo to answer, and will let me know his response.

At least she wasn't hostile, like the other GP.


I'll definitely give that a go - thank you


Hi Elainerevolves

My situation is very similar to yours, I started on Levo, felt OK, but 3-4 weeks later I felt even worse, so I had my own bloods taken and my TSH was 2.9, but T4 and T3 had dropped to almost borderline low, hence the sudden hypo symptoms. So I'm guessing my thyroid output lowered as a result of the low dose thyroxine. I'm sure I have read on this site about the problems with starting on too low dose thyroxine.

Good luck with everything.


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Absolutely right, runnergilrl. But, it's another thing that doctors Don't seem to know about. They really are lamantablely ignorant.

Elainerevolves, 2.9 is still hypo, that's why you still have symptoms. When you are on thyroid hormone replacement, the TSH should be one or Under. 25 mcg is less than the normal starting dose. I think it is time for you to start taking that Armour, but again, a low dose is a starting dose, and you need to be able to increase it as needed. Unless you take it with your Levo.

Once your TSH reaches one - which it probably will do with the T3 in the Armour - you should then get your own tests done, because TSH and FT4 will tell you nothing. You need to see them in conjunction with the FT3.

Did you not ask for folate, B12 and ferritin with your vit D test? They need to be done, too.

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Hi; thanks for the advice; I requested a blood test re vitamin etc - ( folate, D , & the rest).

I had the blood test this morning.

I've started taking the Armour, & also started L 5HTP to help with the depression.

Well! I'm not sure which is working ( I'm a rubbish scientist!) - but I feel so much happier! Last week I felt like a neurotic prisoner stuck in a time loop, with a very tenuous grip on my reality .. Trying hard not to think of my future, which terrifies me, my past which is filled with regrets, my present which sucks... Knowing full well I'm not dealing with a full deck ( simply a chemical imbalance ) - knowing I must just get through this.

But I feel like a different person for 3 days now! What a pleasure!

The HTP gives you amazing dream too!

I'm hopeful again; I hope it stays like this !


I hope so for you. :)


Hi; I had an awful migraine on Tuesday, and the yesterday was a day of catching the water falling out of my eyes all day. I gave up bread and grains quite a while ago, and found my shortness of breath improved a great deal, as well as other syptoms.

Well, ive been lax for a few days, and I think that may have brought on a migraine attack! Gluten intolerance, one of my many problems.

Then I read that Changing Seratonin levels can bring on migraines ( L-5HTP? )... And because of my awful low mood yesterday.. I wondered in I'm bi-polar?

I was surprised to read about the confirmed connection between thyroid issues and bi-polar syndrome..

One thing I do know, is I'm screwed.

I can't hold down a job because of the bad migraines, I can't get PIP, ESA, or any benefits because migraines are not fully recognised as the crippling debility that they GP is too ignorant to recognise my Hypo thyroid problem... My mind is telling me there is no God, so go ahead and check's ok.

The reptile part of my brain ( the part that has no emotions) is saying " you asshole, why are you getting so upset? So what if your tired? So what if your head hurts? You think your back hurts now? Wait a few more years ...Why are you so obsessed with your physical symptoms? Rise above them! Get a damned job and go to work with a Migraine, just Take the pills as soon as you think you may be getting an attack: instead of waiting to be sure .... ( Sumotriptan flattens me, it helps the pain, but takes a hard toll on my body).

The thought goes on to say " at least you are not locked up in some dungeon, or the wife of a Taliban, or homeless in Egypt...or blind or locked-in are not truly suffering, you have no real hardship in your life; that's your problem!

The inside of my head is like an angry sea, waves pulling me this way and that... I'm so tired of being that cork !

And I believe it's all a chemical imbalance..the sputtering twitching thyroid not doing its job. Or some hidden dark tumour growing somewhere in my body ( how many people suffer with awful depression for years, then cancer gets detected, treated, then they are ok ? )

The one thing guaranteed is we all die. No need to hasten it, because time is speeding up anyway, it's on it way, just sit tight and wait.

Nutjob? Maybe. Depressed? Definately.


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