Hashimotos and shingles without a rash

Hi I wondered if anyone else with Hashimotos has had shingles but without the rash ?

I know only about 5% of shingles cases present only with the pain and no rash.

The severe shingles pain in my back lasted for 6 months, much longer than is usual.

Did that happen because Hashimotos sends the immune system in to overdrive?

Also ,am I more likely to get this again because of Hashimotos?

Many thanks.

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  • Yes, just last week I had an MRI .All ok. Thanks for your reply ellismay.

  • No,but I am confident that the diagnosis is correct,.

  • That's very interesting to remember for the future ellismay in case I am ever offered an MRI using the dye. I will make a note of it. Much appreciated!

  • I've had shingles twice since being hypo. The second time I wouldn't have seen the rash - it was only small and not itchy and my husband spotted it on my back. It wasn't nearly as bad the second time.

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