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Hashimotos and shingles without a rash

Hi I wondered if anyone else with Hashimotos has had shingles but without the rash ?

I know only about 5% of shingles cases present only with the pain and no rash.

The severe shingles pain in my back lasted for 6 months, much longer than is usual.

Did that happen because Hashimotos sends the immune system in to overdrive?

Also ,am I more likely to get this again because of Hashimotos?

Many thanks.

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Yes, just last week I had an MRI .All ok. Thanks for your reply ellismay.


No,but I am confident that the diagnosis is correct,.


That's very interesting to remember for the future ellismay in case I am ever offered an MRI using the dye. I will make a note of it. Much appreciated!


I've had shingles twice since being hypo. The second time I wouldn't have seen the rash - it was only small and not itchy and my husband spotted it on my back. It wasn't nearly as bad the second time.


Hi just found this thread as have just had shingles. I've had a mild case by the sounds of it - in my mouth. Numb face then very painful sores on roof of my mouth. Area about size of a penny and a couple of other spots. I wasn't sure it was Shingles at first even though my GP diagnosed it but second GP at an unrelated appointment confirmed it was. I was put on antivirals. I have Graves and Hashimotos. I was feeling very tired and unwell a week or two before with pain in front of my ear and was worried the tiredness was my thyroid. I'd been under a lot of stress beforehand. The sores have nearly fully healed up a week later and my face still feels strange and numb but thankfully not painful and I'm just very very tired and off food. Think I've been lucky with a very mild dose! Hope this tiredness resolves soon.


Sorry to hear that you have been diagnosed with shingles Hoxo.

Make sure that you take your anti viral meds as directed and if you finish the your tablets but you still feel unwell go back to your GP because they can extend the course if necessary.

Get lots of rest if you can. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!


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