FREE Gluten Free Products

FREE Gluten Free Products

I've just signed up for Glutafin for a free trial pack of gluten free products. You do have to provide details of your diagnosis but thought I'd share with you all! Can't wait to get mine :)

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  • Are they natural or processed foods ? Most products that are processed are full of substitutes that are c*** :-) Cook from scratch and if it doesn't grow then do not eat it !

  • Fair enough but kit everyone has the time to cook from scratch. I'm a single parent run my own business am a full time uni student and am pretty but knackered! Maybe this is a compromise for many ppl in cutting out gluten.

  • ..... as Hippocrates said - let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food .... I think many of us have had difficult times working full-time with a family - I certainly did - however shoving everything into as Slow Cooker is not too demanding - either the night before - or early in the morning before you leave .... works a treat and relieves the guilt :-)

    I used to drive a 1000 miles a week with my job - taking care of 45 Accounts and over 80 staff with a T/O of over 3 million ..... long before lap-tops and mobiles :-) Am so glad things have changed for todays career girls. My daughter has a similar job to mine but with all the modern technology - HURRAY :-)

    I am now retired in Crete and still enjoy cooking from scratch :-) I too have Hashimotos so healing the gut with good food is key :-)

  • This looks good, can you only get it if you have a diagnosis of cealiac? I have hashimoto's and advise I've had on here is to go gluten free. Would I get this pack with that diagnosis?

  • I've also been diagnosed with early osteoporosis so I stated that. But check out they're website as it states what illnesses qualify for the pack

  • Hmm, just had a look and can't find anything other than saying coeliac?

  • Hi, I'm just peeking in here out of interest. I do actually have Coeliac Disease (as well as Hypo.) and I've been diagnosed with CD over 40 years so I have good knowledge of the diet, if anyone would like any help. But just wanted to just let people know information related to Glutafin products. (I don't use any of their products or Juvela who are the other main manufacturer of GF products as I don't like any of them)

    Some of their products, I think it may be the 'Select' range contain something known to Coeliacs as 'Codex Wheat Starch' This is wheat which has gone through a thorough washing process to remove most of the gluten from it. The washing process does usually leave behind a very small amount of gluten which is deemed to be safe for Coeliacs (the safe level is below 200 parts per million)

    However some people still have a reaction to this remaining starch even at such a small level, so I choose to avoid it. And as someone else said its probably far better for your health to avoid commercially produced products which are often padded out with more fats and sugar to make them palatable.

    I've now settled with a really delicious bread from 'Artisan Bread Organic' based in Kent. It is quite expensive but I bulk buy at the beginning of each month (you can slice and freeze in smaller quantities) and keep bread consumption to a low level. But their bread only contains natural products, they don't use 'Guar gum' or 'black treacle', no sugar. The loaves are very small and very dense, but if you slice the bread very thinly, it works very well. They have a '3 grain toastie' loaf which once toasted lightly tastes very much like a conventional baguette. Since I have been buying from this bakery, I have not bought a supermarket GF loaf and would not go back to those again.

    Some of the bigger manufacturers of GF products seem to think that Coeliacs live their lives by biscuits, cakes, pies & pizzas. Occasionally nice to have something like this but not good to have them in the cupboard all the time.

  • I've often considered doing a raw food diet. When I was a small child my dad made our entire garden into a vegetable patch and I was always eating raw sugar snap beans cabbage and many more. I was the healthiest I've ever been and still remember how good it tasted and the energy I had. I think you can get dehydrators for bananas and other fruits. Just not sure I could sustain it though lol.

  • lucky you i gave my symptoms and still wasnt entitled to it so came off the gluten free diet as my current diagnosis says its a waste of time. good luck and hope its good, ive heard that it is....

  • I provided evidence which included appt letter from my endo and blood tests. These were accepted. But I still avoid gluten free products wherever possible and I do think it helps x

  • ill maybe give them another try see what i can do :) x

  • Thank you for that useful piece of information. I have registered myself. I have IBS and hypothyroidism so that was helpful. I honestly didn't know that gluten and other things affected your thyroid.

  • Took me some research to find out and although the hamper is massive I've not used much at all mainly as I avoid certain carbs altogether to help control my weight too. Hope you get the hamper :) good luck x

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