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Springing a leak with blood tests ?

I had bloods taken at the Spire for Blue Horizon a couple of weeks ago , and started spouting ( slight exaggeration ) blood , fortunately we caught it .

I have had thyroid bloods drawn today and you couldn't even see where the needle had gone in .

However in the car coming home despite having a plaster on it leaked again all over a jumper I was wearing.

Have I read somewhere that NDT can have a blood thinning effect. It's never happened before.


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This happens to me also. I put loads of pressure on afterwards but still bleed right through the plaster as soon as I walk outside. I know my blood pressure has periods of being high - not sure if that could be the cause?


Mmm maybe that could be it .

Thanks for the reply.


this has only happened to me once,but ever since,I always ask for an extra dressing


Thanks Naomi8

I will do that in future .


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