Hashimotos ?? or another explanation??

Morning all, hoping this doesn't sound like a stupid question, but is it possible to have hashimoto's type symptoms but normal antibodies.

Brief back ground, had RAI 18 months ago for toxic nodules, in Sept 2015 put on Levo, but had a dreadful reaction to it, so was taken off this in January 2016, now on T3 only & in comparison, feel very much improved, however every 3 weeks or so, my Thyroid swells up, & I get what I can only describe as flu like symptoms, that last anything from 3-10 days, any one any ideas?

Thanks in advance


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  • Yes, people can have Hashimoto's without having positive antibody tests. Some people have to test several times before getting a positive result. Some people never get a positive result.

    Thyroid antibody levels fluctuate all the time. Note that the NHS will usually only test TPO antibody levels in people who are hypothyroid (or tending that way).

    There are actually three different kinds of thyroid antibody.


    Which ones were worth testing for you would depend on your thyroid history, and I'm afraid I don't know enough to be able to say which tests would be appropriate for you. And as I said above - getting a positive test can be difficult.

  • Thank you for your reply. much appreciated. I had RAI for hyperthyroidism, caused by toxic nodules, although no graves disease was found at that time. It is the constant flare ups of flu like symptoms since the RAI, that is making me think that something auto immune is going on.

  • I have no experience with RAI or hyper conditions, but Just a thought. Is it possible that the RAI knocked out your reserves of iodine and you are experiencing a deficiency. This might account for the thyroid swelling.

  • Thank you for your reply, Is this something that can be checked for jan4363?

  • If it is of any help I had an awful reaction to the "packers" in Levo. I felt like my system was being poisoned, I felt really awful all the time. My Professor put me on Synthyroid and my symptoms evaporated.

  • That is really interesting JennJenn, I had not even thought of that, just how I felt, poisoned, I am now on T3 only & feel much better, other than these flare up's so fingers crossed.

  • I have been primary hypothyroid since 2011 so did not connect the recurrent flu symptoms earlier this year to my thyroid disease; as I also have lung disease. I mentioned to my endo on a routine visit that I appeared to have had 4 viruses in 6 months, most symptoms lasting at least 4 weeks. He checked my thyroid gland with ultrasound which confirmed evidence of autoimmune attack however, antibodies were normal and blood results indicated a euthyroid state. Three months later, my TPO was raised and Hashimoto's confirmed. So yes, you can have normal antibodies with Hashimoto' disease. Have you read the books on "stop the thyroid madness" ?

  • Thank you for your reply, I guess its just a case of having the antibodies checked periodically, nice to know I'm not going bonkers, imagining things, but you just know when you know your own body, don't you.

  • You do indeed, the next step is to convince your doctors that you know your body better than them.

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