HRT - Are there any types less likely to put on weight?

Hi, can anyone recommend brand of HRT that are less likely to put on weight? The one that I have just been prescribed has listed in common side effects weight gain. Yet the medics I have talked to seem very dismissive of any weight gain! Are there any medics on this site whom could advise? Would welcome your responses. I have tried alternative treatments and nothing has worked plus my Consultant wants me to take it as I have Ostopina.

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  • Mv,

    Weight gain has been associated with HRT and increased body fat around the abdomen. However, this may occur during the menopause when hormonal changes can cause a decrease in muscle tissue//energy and the way ALL hormones are used.

    Starting HRT can bring initial symptoms of breast tenderness, bloating, water retention, etc but the way fat is deposited during the menopause changes significantly anyway so the feeling of weight gain//fullness could be a natural progression or the supplementing of HRT or maybe both.

    I started HRT about two months ago and my weight seemed to increase slightly ... I am optimally medicated re thyroid hormones so usually slim. I have managed to adjust weight gain by reducing calories and exercising more, whilst still eating an incredibly healthy balanced diet. However, I still notice a change in body shape with more fat accumulated on breasts//hips making clothing tight.

    I now read for many, HRT will HELP maintain weight as replacing missing hormones brings homeostasis and so good control of glucose concentrations. We are all different and react differently to the meds we are prescribed which is according to our individual needs of what hormones we are missing. I don’t think one brand is any different to another regarding weight gain.

    Weight gain is a classic symptom of low thyroid hormone.

  • Oh thanks for replying, I had already been told about bio-identical HRT but my GP wasn't aware of them. When I looked on the internet I couldn't find much about it nor any brands, can u let me know what brands there are please. There is still a problem however from you said about your boobs though, it's great for you but I'm already 32GG! Even though I've lost a stone in weight they've not gone any smaller as I've got older they've just got bigger & bigger! Anyway I need to take HRT so I'm willing to take the risk. X

  • Haha... no its not great for me either as already well endowed and big boobs get in the way of my yoga practice ! ! ! .... & I hate tight clothes.

    I don't supplement bio-identical hormones.

  • Thanks for your reply

  • I am on bio-identical HRT and have had no weight gain or loss (nor is it mentioned as a side effect AFAIK). But I did increase by 2 cup sizes (from non-existent AAAA to AA !)

  • Hi Angel, please could you PM me with the brand name of your bio-identical HRT? I have seen a member of the Endo's team (a Sister) who has tested for menopause and I would like to be prepared if they wish to start me on HRT xx

  • No brand name, it's made up for me by a compounding pharmacy.

  • Hi I've just realised what bio-identical HRT is. I've already tried a couple of types unfortunately they didn't work!

  • I found that creams didn't work for most symptoms, but the same dose as an intrabuccal (like sublingual) lozenge did. It takes a few months to kick in and the dose has to be correct. However bioidentical estradiol pessaries fixed my vaginal atrophy in a week.

    The point is that they need to be prescribed at the right dose for the individual, not standard "across the counter" meds. I tried OTC creams (even before prescription ones) and they really didn't work - for me, the progesterone dose was way too low.

  • Hi, if you're nervous of HRT, try progesterone cream. I've been banging on about it for a few weeks now (!); anyone who asks about painful periods, menopause etc, I suggest trying progesterone cream from . Drs P and Lowe recommend it. I used to use it & certainly works. x

  • Yes I've tried it because Dr P. recommended to me but it didn't work, I took the tablets in addition to the cream but didn't work.

  • Madvicky,

    I tried progesterone cream recommend by Dr P and it didn't work for me. When tested I was deficient in both oestrogen & progesterone. HRT prescribed from GP is cutting it for me except for bigger unwanted curves !! ...

    Have you had sex hormones tested ? .

  • I found it didn't work as the recommended dose was far too low. Better than nothing, but not by much. If your symptoms are mild and you don't need oestrogen, testosterone and DHEA as well, it could work. Serenity worked better than any of the others I tried.

    I spent 7 years trying non-prescription stuff, so there isn't much I haven't tried.

  • I feel your pain, mad icky, mine are 32GG too and never seem to get any smaller! Mine started to get bigger when I started PPI's which I have to take due to hiatus hernia. Sorry I've not needed HRT as my menopause was trouble free so can't help you with that. Clemmie

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