Hashimotos thyroid antibodies miscarriage awareness!

Hashimotos thyroid antibodies miscarriage awareness!


Some of you have may have seen my blog. I have only just started this blog and have over 1000 views already. I am sharing the importance of seeing if you are having recurrent early miscarriages and checking your thyroid antibodies. Even if it means ruling it out. You know you haven't got this so you don't have to focus on it. But for those of you with these antibodies and miscarriages check my blog: rainbowbabyhopes.com 

I have an appointment  tomorrow which I will blog about and follow up endo appointment next week plus latest blood test results.

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  • Thank you. It is surprising that many have miscarriages and no investigation is made about the thyroid gland which, if found,can help prevent future miscarriages and also protects the unborn child.

  • Good for you sharing your awareness, that's great :) I love your blog and think it will be a great support for people affected by this heartbreaking issue. That poem made me cry :'(

  • Aww thank you for the positive input. I'm glad you like the poem .

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