HELP! All tests clear recurrent miscarriage except thyroid antibodies!

Hello as the title says... I have had 4 very early miscarriages around 4 weeks just after a positive pregnancy test and one at 8 weeks. Antiphosphllipid test came back clear -no issues, pelvic scan clear lining day 21 was 7.7 mm. Ovarian reserve is fine too. The only test that came back with a slight 'oh' it could be this is the one doctors don't treat. There is currently a trial based on this at the moment with the NHS; this is the thyroid antibodies test. My test came back 109 Thyroid Peroxidase antibody but my TSH is 2.82 which doctors consider normal and are not willing to treat. I managed to get private trial prescription for levothyroxine to see if this may be the issue. Hopefully it's this and I've found the reason. Do these antibodies effect implantation?? Could this be the reason . So opinions and experiences please?

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  • 2.82 is not a normal TsH for most healthy people

    Should be nearer 1.0

    You have positive antibodies

    Suggest you try going gluten free

    If that and a low dose of levo does not help maybe theres a genetic fault following through you are not aware of

    have you checked both family histories maybe

  • Thank you. Yes let's hope the levo and gluten free works as that's the only thing that's come up. They said they can only test genetics when I next miscarry with the tissue ( hopefully I don't miscarry again). Family history we both seem

    Fine .

  • I am aiming for 1! Let's hope it works xx

  • I am sorry you've had problems and maybe you can glean some info from this link.

    For pregnancy a TSH of around 2 I have read is good.

    Doctors appear to be the last people who are aware of all of the problems/clinical symptoms that occur in people with either undiagnosed hypo or undertreated.

  • Hi, sorry to hear about your miscarriages, I've had two in the past and suffer from antibodies, thyroditis flare ups and take Levo. Although I found out I was pregnant and went to docs at 5 weeks for bloods, thyroid was 6.3 TSH, T3 around 14, T13-14 I think. They put my on Levo 50mg per day and referred me to endocrine clinic following week.

    4 weeks later TSH was 1.2 all others fine and I was ok till I got to 12 weeks. Scan all normal but started to suffer from symptoms of overactive. Took 50mg every other day and results showed 3.19 TSH. Which they don't like as want close to 2 as possible. although there is evidence to suggest different levels as you go through the trimesters.

    In the end I had severe palpitations, but 72 hour tape shows normal pregnancy related palps and they are not worried. Some days my heart races all day but I just try and ignore. I'm anemic too so taking ferrous sulphate 1-2 times a day, folic acid 5mg a day and Vit D. Do make sure you get all your vitamins tested as low iron can really impact your thyroid function. I'm now 25 weeks coming up, and touch wood so far so good. Latest bloods on Monday show TSH as 1.39. I think generally I'm better between 2-3 TSH as don't suffer from hyper symptoms but everyone is different in their tolerances. I wish you the best of luck and yes! Gluten free to help with the antibodies for sure plus you lose weight and skin overall looks better, more energy!

  • Congratulations with your pregnancy! When are you due? See this is where I am confused because I see women like yourself with higher levels of TSH get pregnant successfully.

    Mine is lower and I know I have the antibodies but they are still suggesting it is borderline at 109 TPO.

    I read women with a TSH within ref range with elevated antibodies are more likely to miscarry by a huge amount, so that is why i suggested treatment. Was not an easy task to find someone who is willing to treat me but luckily found a lovely endo.

    I am already underweight so I need to gain weight so hope the levo helps me gain weight ;). I really hope this is the route cause I so want to provide my daughter with a sibling. I think it happened after her these thyroid issues....

    In regards to vitamins I seem fine. I had aneamia checked and it is also fine. Would that mean B12 is fine? As i read if I am B12 deficient would mean I am aneamic?

  • Being B12 deficiant might explain why you are underweight.

  • Really? Ok well I will speak to my GP about this on Monday.. and ask to get these blood tests.

  • If you get your iron checked ask for the ferritin test it is a better test. Also B12 Vit d and folate. Post ranges when you get them. I would think your TSH is a tad too high and you would benefit from a low dose thyroid medication. Someone on this website has a list of helpful doctors hopefully someone will tell you who to email.

  • Yes I have already done that and saw a private endo and my levothyroxine dose small dose just arrived in the post :)

  • I think it may be the antibodies attacking the embryos too so lets see if this trial dose helps

  • Yes I went for the blood test today and got folate , vit D and B12 will have to wait a while for results . Will post them when I receive them. They did not send me for iron tests as I had tests done in December to show I am fine with this. My last vit D test was done 5 years ago!

  • you have hashimotos disease, an autoimmune condition. You have not had all of your thyroid labs tested. I would start here and then realize it is time to work on your immune system and cure the autoimmune issues. Miscarriage is common with hashimotos disease.

    i'm sorry for your losses!

  • Hi



    FREE THYROXINE16.1pmol/l12.0 - 22.0

    FREE T34.9pmol/L

    Thyroid Peroxidase antibodies -109

    T4 - 16.4

    TSH- 2.82

    Isn't that all off it?

    What should I request form GP other than B12?

  • I hope you will read the info Shaws sent you..the links. There is a test called a reverse t3, that was very useful me. It is not done in the UK.

    What is the range for the free t3? 34.9 as a result is really odd. Please provide ranges and result again.

    You can have what appear to be normal labs, but having the antibodies increases miscarriage risk. There are ways to get rid of hashimoto's, thru functional medicine. I will provide some info, if you are interested. Many aren't. Mainstream medicine will just leave you sit, until your thyroid is all chewed up and then, do not know how to properly treat hypothyroidism.

  • Free thyroxine - 16.1

    Free T3 - 4.9

    T4- 16.4

    Thyroid Peroxidase Antibody- 109

    TSH- 2.82

    So all looks normal except for the antibodies which are raised but it's not even a huge amount, the TSH is slightly raised for ttc. But I don't know if this is the reasons for my MCs now? There are studies to supprt it may be the cause.

    I will get my vitamins tested if they are normal; then it all comes down to this thyroid. Well I have started the levothyroxine...

  • I don't have the ranges for your tests, but they don't appear abnormal. Levothyroxine, adds t4, but does nothing to get rid of hashi's. If i were in your boat, i would be trying to get my immune system in order. Your thyroid is not the problem.. the problem is your immune system. Your immune system thinks that your thyroid gland is a germ or virus, that needs to be destroyed. This messed up immune system will cause other disease later. I wish i knew then, what i know know. Just hope you don't make the mistake of thinking a thyroid pill is all that you need.

  • There is the outside possibility that it's nothing to do with your thyroid:

    Best wishes

  • Thank for this article. The thing is I already have a 2 and half year old who was easily conceived. So they say my womb is fine. It's more likely to be something else...

  • Hi I haven't read all replies so sorry if I am repeating anything.

    The Nice guidelines say that if you have antithyroid antibodies & are trying to conceive or are pregnant you should be given thyroxine, even if you are not in the 'range' to normally receive it.

  • Hmm... Are you sure it says that? And is it actually the NICE guidelines that say that? If you could you send me a link with the extract please would be very helpful. I took the NICE guidelines to the GP and it said its only for women with diagnosed hypothyroidism. Thanks for your reply.

  • Yes I took a copy to my GP, I'm at work but will look this evening & post link.

  • Cheers :)

  • Hi sorry for delay here is the link

  • PS as you can see it says subclinical hypothyroid so it covers someone not taking thyroxine. My GP wasn't even aware of these guidelines until I showed her. She wrote to Endocrinologist, who advised her to prescribe it. I now have a 4 year old little boy :)

    I was told I was 'borderline' for years & I was naive about the effects/implications of low levels esp during pregnancy.

  • B12 needs to be optimal in early pregnancy not just "in range" the early stages of b12 deficiency can cause 1st trimester miscarriage then cause infertility once full blown deficiency occurs in both men and women good luck

  • Iam on pre pregnancy vitamins,2-grains NDT,adrenal support.Had 2 early miscarriage with tsh -0.03.

    Pregnancy is a struggle with thyroid problems.

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