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Hi all thought I would tell you what happened to me yesterday my doc changed my blood pressure tablets and gave me water tablets too so I took prescription to boots when I got home I thought I would google them to see side effects they have only gave me antidepressants instead of water tablets and I'm already taking antidepressants so if I didn't check them I would have been overdosing myself phoned doc she wasn't very pleased so back to boots this morning to get proper tablets so please all check your tablets x

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That's a good reminder that mistakes can happen at times and we should double-check our prescriptions.

I note you have been prescribed Anti-d's already and wonder if your doctor has tested your Free T3 which, if low, could be symptomatic.

Well I think I have a thyroid problem but doc said I don't I was tested last year it came back fine but I was low on iron and eniemic (sorry can't spell it) then I was tested again in January and he said it was fine but I've got really high blood pressure and high colesterol even tho I was on a low fat diet and swim half a mile every day! I have lots of symptoms especially heart palpitations which really frighten me I've got 3 females in my family all with thyroid problems but they still say mine is ok thank you for replying x

First thing to do is get a print-out of your latest blood test results. I am assuming he is prescribing 'water tablets' as you appear 'bloated' (swelling - (clinical symptom).

The first lesson is that few doctors know about clinical symptoms - over 300. Second lesson is never accept 'normal', 'fine', 'o.k.' with regard to the results if you have clinical symptoms, i.e. unexplained weight gain, higher cholesterol, fatigue, etc. Particularly if it runs in families.

We have to educate ourselves if we want to get a proper diagnosis, and recover our health as doctors in the UK appear very unknowledgeable about anything with regard to thyroid hormones dysfunction i.e. only look at the TSH and pronounce the diagnosis. They are ignorant about clinical symptoms as well as ignoring them. 

Ask for a print-out of your latest results with the ranges for comments and always request a print-out for your own records.

Blood tests for thyroid hormones should be the very earliest, don't eat before it but you can drink water. If on hormone replacements you allow about 24 hours between the last dose and the blood test and take it afterwards.

Many thanks for this Shaws

I've got another blood test due in 2 weeks I will get a print out then yes the last one I had I had it early and I fasted thank you for your help x

Anti - depressants will negate any thyroxine you take depression is a symptom of UAT. 

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