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Prolactin results GP update

Hi everyone,

Further to your overwhelming support regarding my prolactin blood results I thought I would give an update on my GP call today.

He did say my results were elevated slightly... I am now more confused because I thought they were more than slightly elevated .. My results were

Serum prolactin 2966 range (102-496)

Monmeric prolactin 2374 range (75-381) 

Also he couldn't explain the difference between the both or what they meant, but did say the reason could be because I'm stressed or a little growth.. i would be grateful if someone could explain the difference.

He did say he would refer me for an urgent Mri scan.  Just contacted the local hospital to get an idea how long but they are saying your doctor might say urgent but they regrade and I could be waiting a minimum of 9 weeks.  I know I can't go on with the tiredness, brain fog, sinus problems and the feeling of something stuck in my throat as well as swelling in the feet.

Hitting 40 was the worst thing that ever happened to me!

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Hi Hamer5,

I can't comment on your results. You can let the booking office know that you will take a cancellation. This has worked a few times for me in the past.

Good luck


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Hi Jose651

Thank you for that, it didn't even cross my mind to take a cancellation.


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