T4 and T3 combo, timing of doses advice please

I've now been on T4 x 50mcg and T3 x 31mcg a day for a good while and think this dose is just about right for me.

I been taking 25 mcg T3 in the morning and 50mcg T4 + 6mcg T3 at night.

From what I've just been reading I wonder if these should be switched around with the majority T3 at night?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated :-)

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  • No you are right, T3 is your wake up hormone (though some say they do better taking it very early in the morning - like 5:30), T4 is your night time med.  You might try your  6mcg dose midway through your day.  T3 is fast acting and some find it better to split their dose into 3 or even 5.  But, otherwise, if it ain't broke don't fix it!

  • Ok thanks, yes that was my thinking when I began this regime, then I began reading today somewhere that the body uses the T3 during the night (all very confusing!)

    I did originally split doses and then  tried 25 in one go in the morning and it made no difference

  • I find T3 at night keeps me awake; T4 can make me sleepy; either at night keeps me up an extra hour waiting to pee, with a high probability of then staying up too late; taking at night can cause concerns over the timing of the last meal; Dr Lowe wrote that taking both in the morning was OK/preferred, and I agree, but I can't keep awake during the evening. 

  • Oh I don't want to take anything which will keep me awake - I aready have to get up most nights for a bowl of cornflakes to get me to go off to sleep! Maybe both in the morning is a good plan then?

  • I take 25mcg in the morning and the same before sleep :-)  Am T3 only and sleep like a baby ......

  • Thank you.

  • Bobsmydog,

    If your current dosing regime suits you don't fix what ain't broke!

  • Haha, yes indeed, why am I trying to complicate things....I should stay away from more reading methinks :-)

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