Does anyone have Palmoplantar Pustulosis?

I was diagnosed over 20 years ago as hypothyroid.  Interestingly this past year I have had several different things show up.  I have experienced allergic reactions and now this past January the palms of my hands had these tiny 'puss filled bumps' all over them.  It itches also.  It settles down for a while and then comes back.  This sounds an awful lot like Palmoplantar Pustulosis and it appears to be associated with autoimmune thyroid disease.  Just curious if there are any others out there that have this.   

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  • This also sounds very like Pompholix which is how my Graves  started.  It was on my palms and soles.  After just a few days of Hydrocortisone cream it cleared, but by then I had to go on Carbimazole.

  • Oh, that sounds painful.  Quite honestly I have never heard of it but had a look at a picture on the web.   I had hives several years back, which drove me mad for weeks at a time, so itchy.  They would come and go but appeared on arms, legs and torso only.   I have hashi's and I think I had developed leaky gut allowing all the wrong stuff to get through into my bloodstream causing these outbreaks.   Came off milk for a while but it made no difference, doctor had no idea what it was either (told me it was insect bites - idiot).

    I don't know if the condition is related to psoriasis but my cousin gets good results from Epsom salt baths. 

    Allergies often happen as a result of gut problems.

  • Sadly one autoimmune condition can lead to another. Have you by any chance taken antibiotics recently? I've read lots about autoimmune disease & like so many others, it leads me to believe that gut health plays a huge part in all of them. I've had psoriasis on & off for 23 years & I can honestly say with hand on heart that not one single cream or lotion helped significantly, not to say they might not help you, but just so you're aware most of them do contain corticosteroids, & need applying frequently & regularly, it's a personal choice but I never went down the oral med route for the steroid reason. I truly believe a lot of meds are toxic sticky plasters. I'm Presently cutting out different food groups to see if it makes any difference. Dairy & wheat are well known for intolerance so you could try cutting them out for a while or try going gluten free. The only advice I can give is to soak your hands in warm water with Dead sea salts or Epsom salts for as long as you feel comfortable & then before bed cover them in a thick cream something unscented with fewest chemicals, something like 'Shea butter' is good or coconut oil  & then wrap in cling film or buy some white cotton medical gloves. If they itch the only two things I find that help me are E45 'itch cream' in a tube or calamine lotion (I'm still searching for a chemical free itch relief lotion) You could Google leaky gut & the Aip diet or look on you tube.

  • Dr Izabella Wenz pharmacist has made the connection between Hashimoto's and hives being caused by Blastocystis hominis a protozoan parasite. 

    Might be worth investigating as we become so weakened we can pick up unwelcome passengers more easily.  Blastocystis can burrow and create holes in the gut lining.

    Might be a good idea to work with a functional nutritionist?

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  • I was tested for parasites last year, not my primary reason for the test, just came as part of it.   However, no parasites were found, although who knows whether it covered all parasites or just the most common.   Having said that I have not had hives now for a few years, so either I got rid of them or they weren't the cause of my hives.

    Hives can be caused by other things too, food, environmental, medications - anything that releases histamine.  What I did find out was that I had a high sensitivity to environmental chemicals and it was suggested that this may have triggered my hashi's.   My obsession with doing up old Victorian houses prior to that might have been the main contributor and a thyroid that was undertreated on T4.

  • My sister has Pustular Psoriasis, on her hands. Misdiagnosed as dermatitis. Stress is what sets hers off, but not overt stress. She was a smoker when this started up, as is commonly the case, and it is definitely improved since she ceased smoking.

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