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Desperate to get natural thyroxine

Hi Everyone,

I am new here and was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 6 years ago.  Just getting through a day is a nightmare as I have no energy.  I have gained over 5 stones which clearly does not help but I am always told I need to exercise! 

So if anyone can give me a link as to where I can purchase "Armour" I would be very grateful. 

Many thanks and wishing you all good health.

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Hi and Welcome .....  Is it possible for you to post more information so people can advise.  Maybe you are not on a high enough dose of T4 or it could be you are having difficulty converting the T4 into the Active hormone T3.

For the T4 to convert well you also need GOOD levels of Ferritin - Folate - Iron - B12 VitD.  Have you had those tested and do you have any results ?

Are you taking other medications that could be contributing to the weight gain ?  Many of us here will understand the issues around weight gain and being Hypo - and increasing exercise and cutting down on foods simply does not help.  Armour can be helpful - but only if you have the building blocks of good health in place - as mentioned above.

If you can share your results - then we can see if you need to add in some T3 .....

Sorry about all the questions - if you complete your Profile with some information then people will not have to keep asking questions.  Click onto my name and you can see mine :-)


The best way is to phone the pharmacies first who can refer you to a prescribing doctor....I once managed to get some from a prescibing doctor in Ealing London that way....unfortunately it did not work for me and made me feel terrible as I had an underlying adrenal problem. You can also get it from a functional doctor. I have seen a doctor (removed by Admin in accordance with guideline No.25)) in the Hatley Street area who prescribed it for a friend who it worked for, who was then able to fall pregnant despite her hypothyroidism. I once watched a youtube video by an American functional doctor who said there were twenty two different reasons why the thyroid could fail, so prepare to be open minded and dig deeper. Another friend with hypothyroidism had to give up all carbohydrates,  sugars, gluten and other allergens before she could stop gaining weight and she continues to live like that daily.look into healing your "leaky gut" and l-glutamine....


I have removed the name of the doctor. It is against guideline No.25 to post doctors names.

If anyone is interested they can send you a Private Message.


There are quite a few natural thyroid medications, Armour is the most expensive and has been reformulated several times and is not necessarily the most reliable. I will private message you where to get a few of them. Make sure you get your ferritin, vit d folate and B12 tested and post results. Low in any of these and any medication will not work well.


(removed by Admin in accordance with guideline No.23) however there are other brands too so you may need to try others. Both my daughter and I used armour and gained weight now we use NP thyroid. Still gained weight but feel better because we sleep better on them than armour. If you can exercise for half hour everyday after waking this made a real difference, hence why a good sleep really helps you wake up fresher. Hope this helps xx


Please pm me for contact thanks 


Thank you all for such helpful information, I think it is going to take a while to get my profile up but for the moment I will be looking into NDT (getting used to the lingo already!)  I have been waiting for an Endocrinology appointment which should have been at the end of January but no-one at the hospital acknowledges what is in my records!  I am thinking of taking a poem I have written and reading it out very loud in the waiting room until someone gives me that appointment!  Has anyone tried any such radical treatment and if so what were the effects?

Wishing you all good health :)


This is a repeat of what I have written previously but if it gives you confidence, let me say that I too had to kick up a big stink when I needed to get on different medication than Levo. I got to the point where I was so illl that I felt that I would die very soon. I went to the hospital where I have my insurance (I'm in the US)  and went first to my sweet but useless GP, then the blood lab, then one insurance processing office, then another and finally got an appointment with a sensible (but not particularly brilliant) endocrinologist. I managed to get Armour prescribed and I was so thankful. However, like I said, all was not perfect, I was slightly under medicated and I have spent the last year trying to convince him that I should be on a slightly higher dose while he is scared that I am on too high a dose (we are only talking about 1 grain vs 1.5 grains here). But anyway, you are right that you will have to be insistent - and don't be polite, that will get you nowhere - and another year of hypo.


Thank you LAHs for your advice.  So far I have been trying to get an appointment for 6 weeks by phoning the hospital but I have had no luck so I intend to find out when their appointments are held and just turn up, I think it will be a lot more difficult for them to refuse me an appointment in person.  Also contemplating having a friend video it for me so I can show it to the media should it be necessary.


PM me for where to buy it online without prescription.


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