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OK, so this is a new one on me. Have looked at it online, found that the private clinic in Glasgow will issue a script for £25!! and that's not including the pharmacy (who charge £18-30 for another drug that, in reality, costs pennies to produce) who will charge for the dispensing.

it seems that the stuff should have passed different assays, but what I'd like to know is, is anyone taking this, are they finding it useful, where can I get good info about this supplement and does anyone know of a reputable source? (Pause to inhale....)

Thanks in hope,


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Shenks, you can eat oatmeal.  Or check Amazon.  It's sold as a supplement, no need for doctor's prescription.


thanks, G, but can't eat oatmeal. Have looked at Amazon but cannot find anything on how the supplements are tested for purity/potency (I read that no more than 10mg daily should be needed if the concentration and purity was good enough) and I cannot find anything on any of the Amazon supplements that gives the info! 


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