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Speed of iodine supplements on the body

Following my previous message, I've got an appointment with the doctor in a couple of weeks to discuss possible hypothyroidism. In the meantime I've researched iodine and realised that my diet may have lacked it and this may be causing my issues. So I've bought some supplements that will provide the rda which I've now taken for 3 days. IF iodine deficiency is my problem, how long does it take for the supplements to take affect?



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From what I've read, iodine should only be supplemented under medical supervision and where there is a known deficiency, as it can trigger Hashimoto's. Having said that the RDA dose is relatively small compared to the megadosing which some advocate, so you should be ok. I watched a video with Izabella Wentz who said that small amounts of iodine are ok if they are supplemented with double he amount of selenium, eg 100mcg of iodine to 200mcg selenium.



The body needs iodine to make thyroid hormone but unless tested as deficient, supplementing can cause thyroid dysfunction.

Diets both low and high in iodine are associated with hypothyroidism and for those susceptible increases the risk of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.

Selenium is a necessary component of the enzymes that remove iodine molecules from T4 converting it into T3 as without enough there is no activation of thyroid hormone. The ratio of iodine, selenium, iron and zinc is critical for the production of thyroid hormone but an excess or deficiency long term of any can result in thyroid dysfunction.

Supplementing iodine can affect your thyroid hormone test results, elevating T4 & T3 and reducing TSH and your doctor may interpret this as hyperthyroidism.


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