Goiters? Inflammation? Add a little cleaver to your life!

Yes cleavers AKA sticky willies ....THIS IS THE BUSINESS!!!

Just pick them from the woods wash them blend them with honey lemon ginger lime grapefruit apple cider vinegar mango cucumber carrots orange coriander parsley blueberries parsley pine apple and flaxseeds even add beetroot to the mix.....watch those lumps on your neck shrink over night! Watch after a week how it improves!! Keep taking this until swelling has completely disappeared!

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  • Are you any relation of Gerry Raffertys?



  • Aye I am lol

  • herbsociety.org.uk/members/...

    Here you go people check it out!

  • Sound brilliant, however I have a wee dog who loves to pee on sticky willies. Not once, not twice but a minimum of three times on the same spot. No amount of washing would convince me that they woukd be clean enough to consume as there will be more dogs like mine. Nevetheless, I will be on the look out for sticky willies grown in high places:-)

    Great tip, many thanks!

  • Yeah and think about the rain that washes it all away...


    Yeah check out woodland areas and high up places. Wash them and steep them with cider vinegar lime juice and bicarbonate of soda...watch the crap come out of it. 

  • I read dandelion leaves are good ?

  • We call it goosegrass. It's in Gerard's herbal as a cure for boils etc.

  • Ah yes! Goosegrass! I didn't know it was edible, but it doesn't surprise me. Have you actually tried this yourself, Bakerstreet?

  • Yes and it's shrinking my lumps in my neck very very quickly

  • Well, that's great, then! :)

  • You could go back to Dublin in 1883...

    The galium aparine is a wild annual belonging to the natural order Rubiacee, and is described in Sowerby's British Botany, vol. iv, pp. 225-6. An excellent coloured illustration is given in the appendix of the same volume, plate 658. It is a well-known weed, found in the hedges in every part of the United Kingdom, and of Northern Europe. It runs to from two to four feet in length, and has a succulent square stem covered with prickles, which can be felt by drawing the finger and thumb along the stalk in the upward direction. This circumstance causes it to adhere to the clothes: of passers-by, and has procured for it in some places the name 'of "cleavers," or "catchweed." Its more usual name in England' is "goosegrass;" in Ireland, it has the peculiar designation of "robin run the hedge," arising from the way in which it spreads; in France, it is called "gaillet gratoron;" in Germany, "Kletterndes Labkraut."


    Be careful though, there have been reports of contact dermatitis from them in susceptible people. And it would always be sensible not to rely exclusively on a paper more than a hundred years old.

  • Yeah and you steep them in cider vinegar bicarb and lime juice with warm water.  Takes out all the crap.

  • Did you read the article? I doubt that vinegar and lime juice would be appropriate for use in healing ulcers.

  • No you steep the plant in the mixed solution mentioned say for a few hours and wash it all away with cold water. 

    Tried and tested

  • That is not what was done in 1883. The article says:

    Grasping in the left hand a bundle of ten or twelve stalks, with a scissors held in the right hand, the bundle is cut into junks about 'half an inch long. These are thrown into a mortar, and pounded into a paste. This paste, which has an acrid taste and slightly acrid smell, is made up into a large poultice, applied to the ulcer, and' secured with a bandage. It is renewed three times a day.

    Without knowing more, we cannot be sure whether this is the best approach or not.

  • Am I right in thinking Bakerstreet is talking about internal consumtion following thorough cleansing, on the otherhand Helvella is describing an external use with an applied poultice?

    In my opinion, two different methods, both claiming results. If Bakerstreet is still around in the next few weeks I might try it:-)

  • Indeed I am referring to topical use. As described in the linked article.

    I intended merely to add some recorded information.

  • Still around try it 

  • Lol

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