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I'm currently taking thyroid S NDT, which I started on the 9th March. I've been increasing dose weekly by half a grain and now on 2 grains a day. However my basal body temp is still low, averaging 35.5. Initially, I stopped taking Levothyroxin, but have started taking it again. I take 150mg, which has been my dose for two years. Does anyone else take both? Do you find it beneficial? I don't think it's working for me..

Thank you 

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  • Jackie101,

    2 grains Thyroid-S is roughly equivalent to 150mcg Levothyroxine.  Usual recommendation is to increase dose by 1/2 grain every 2 weeks. 


    Basal temp is not going to improve after a few weeks on NDT when it has been low for years.

    Adding 150mcg Levothyroxine is far too much and doubling your dose will overmedicate you and make you very unwell.

  • Thankyou - that's the impression I got. Is it worth takin any levo at all?  Also, when can I expect body temp to reach normal? It fluctuates between 34.0 to 36.5. It seems to go up each time I increase dose..

  • It goes up initially on increased dosage, then goes down again..

  • Jackie101,

    Impossible to say without seeing blood tests.  I advise sticking with 2 grains Thyroid-S for 8 weeks and having a thyroid test including FT3 to check levels before increasing further or adding Levothyroxine.

    When body temp has been low for years it doesn't always recover.  If it does, it will take as long as it takes.

  • Thankyou - but disconcerting that body temp may not recover..I've been on levo. The lowest my body temp has been is 34, going up to nearly 37.. does that mean my energy levels may not recover either? Hope not!

  • Jackie101,

    Energy levels have no bearing on temperature and vice versa.  It's unrealistic to suppose that temperature or energy which have been low for years on Levothyroxine will improve within a few weeks of switching to NDT.

    Have you had ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate tested?  Optimal levels will improve energy.

  • Thanks again - yes I take ad cal magnesium & B 12 & vit C. Is Feratin iron? Don't know what foliate is. Was unable to get NDT from Dr..

  • Jackie101,

    Ferritin is stored iron.  Folate is B9. It is usually tested along with B12 as they work together.

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