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Hi all. I went for a follow up ultrasound today. The radiologist told me that a couple of new micro nodules have appeared compared to 6 months ago. He said this was very typical of hashimotos. When I saw my endo 3 months ago (because new micro nodules had also appeared on my previous US), he said this was very much up to the interpretation of the radiologist and that they probably weren't true nodules, but instead pseudo nodules which he said were caused by focal inflammation from the antibody attack, as my TPO was 1,300. He said as long as they were small and did not contain any suspicious features, not to worry about it. 

Although my TSH has been fluctuating it has always been in range (at least for my local lab), this being up to 4.2. The T3 and T4 were well within normal, but both A-Tpo and A-Tg antibodies were high, especially the A-Tpo. I also have a mild goiter (which seems to get larger during my period) and feel tired on occasion and have slight cold intolerance. 

Dr says it's a matter of time to see how long it will take until my thyroid packs in and will then need to be medicated. 

Has anyone else experienced the same thing in regard to multiple micro nodules and my situation in general? 

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100% gluten-free diet can help reduce Hashimoto's symptoms and antibodies and may slow progression to hypothyroidism.



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Thanks, Clutter. Would you be concerned about the new micro nodules appearing? The radiologist said they don't have any suspicious features. But as I've had new nodules come on and the goiter is (slightly) bigger, I'm freaking out.



As there are no suspicious features I wouldn't be concerned.


Thanks, Clutter. I'm not happy with the 'let's not do anything' approach until your thyroid is destroyed which docs are taking with me. They have offered me levo, but I don't want to be on replacement hormone either, I want to stop the damned antibodies. I shall read the links you've posted and will go gluten-free. I already take selenium and am also considered taking iodine. I've also read about LDN, but can't seem to find any scientific evidence it works.


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