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What to ask the Endocronologist??

Hi all

So I have my appointment tomorrow and I'm trying to get ready. I have copies of my last two blood tests to give him & a list of symptoms with some explanations. I requested the appointment because my symptoms have gotten progressively worse since the beginning of last year.  So what do I ask of this endo, I don't want to go in all guns blazing, but equally I don't want to be dismissed.

My husband is coming with me & ive asked him to take notes

Any advise welcome

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Is this a sympathetic Endo from the list?


No I'm afraid not cinnamon_girl. 

He's part of the local team.


Oh, that's a shame.  We do normally recommend on here that members request a copy from Louise of Endos whom members have found to be helpful.  Some unfortunately are diabetes specialists.

I think all you can do is put your case forward in a calm and factual manner, having your husband accompany you will definitely help.

It's short notice but may help if you post up your most recent blood test results for members to comment.

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can you paste the list of endos Please or inbox me.. Good luck.. You maybe able to record your appt... I like that mine seems to have a plan of future options.. Maybe ask what's next... Good luck


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