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hypo symtoms

hi im sorry for being a pain but i raised my ndt to 1/2 a grain this morning after being on ndt 1/4 grain for 9 days cause yesterday i was feeling freezing cold ect anyway i raised again today to 1/2  a grain and i've felt terrible hypo symptoms worse then ever b4 like aches and pains ect and i slept  for 2 hours earlier  should i be this bad i mean i know im a low does but does my own thyroid production stop this fast to cause all these symptoms maybe i should chance it 2moro and take 3/4 in the morning?

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i forgot my temp has been very very low today also it been 35,4 and 35,5 all day its normally around 35.8 on waking and raises to 36.5 mid afternoon 


We're you on levo before and if so what dose? 


no ive not been on any think other than ndt, i tried to take it a few times and have always stopped cause it was to rough.


Maybe your adrenals are fatigued if you are reacting so badly to a small dose of NDT. Also how is your ferritin and vits D and b12. But it sounds adrenal to me. Maybe you could get Dr Peatfeilds book I think it is called, How to look after your thyroid


well i haven't had any bloods for these but i have been taking methyl b12 and just started on iron i do like to like in the sun when its warm enough so my levels should be ok.and i think you are right about my adrenals i last had a test done in november these were my tests 

sample 1 48.93 h ref range 7.45-32.56

sample 2 17.62 h ref range 2.76-11.31

sample 3 11.50 h ref range 1.38-7.45

sample 4 3.00 normal ref range 0.83-3.86

sum of cortisol 81.1


urine t3 was 553 ref range was 800-2500

urine t4 was 1130 ref range was 550-3,160

t3 to t4 ratio 0.49 range 0.50-2.00

my adrenals where high so they must be stressed.


 I dont know how to treat high cortisol, mine was low. Hopefully others will advise.  Your vitamin D is unlikely to be OK if you live in UK and dont supplement, We dont get any vitamin D from sunshine between September and May and not enough sun to make up for it in summer even if you sunbathe a lot


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