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12 years after surgery thyroid overactive again

I had a total thyroidectomy 12 years ago for Graves Disease. Although it took a long time to settle I've been relatively stable on 150mcg of Levothyroxine. My thyroid levels were checked at the beginning of the year and I was advised to reduce the dose by 25 mcg and be retested in 2 months , did this and advised to drop another 25 mcg. I wasn't keen and have questioned why. 

I'm going to discuss this with my go, however after calming down and making a note of symptoms, I am showing signs of overactive you of the thyroid. Panic attacks, nail splitting and flaking, intolerance to heat etc. I have reduced the dose and feel a bit better. Has anyone else experienced this so long after surgery. A friend jokingly suggested my thyroid had grown again.

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I think that when doctors starting messing about with a dose in which the patient was relatively well can cause havoc I believe. 

Doctors have been told to keep TSH 'in range' therefore adjust to do so. We in fact feel relatively well when our TSH is 1 or lower and some of us suppressed. Patients who've had thyroid cancer are given doses that suppress the TSH and they don't appear to come to harm, in fact I assume they have less clinical symptoms.

50mcg of reduction when you were on 150mcg is a third of a reduction.

Before blood tests were introduced we were given doses of between 200 and 400 of NDT. Dr Skinner and some other doctors always stated that our doses were too low nowadays as many still have clinical symptoms which, because of TSH being in range, are then given 'other' medication rather than a proper dose of thyroid hormones to relieve them.



Thyroid gland can regrow in hyperthyroid patients who have had thyroidectomy or RAI.  One of our members thyroid has regrown but it doesn't produce hormone.

When you see your GP ask for a copy of your recent thyroid results and ranges (figures in brackets after results) and post them in a new question for advice.


If you have no thyroid how can you be overactive?  I have to say that you must go by how you feel and the symptoms you note are symptoms of under active thyroid not over.

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