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i have been feeling really low for some time and the doctor put me on antidepressant, which haven't agreed with me, i think my thyroid is still not right, he gave me a short test which came out normal... the test isas follows..... Serum TSH level - (MEJ596) - normal- No Value 1.43  Units miu/L range 0.30 - 5.00miu/L.... I feel my thyroid is not right   I am loosing weight, can't eat, feel sick, my body is shaking all the time have palpitations at times going dizzy at times, at the moment i take 75 mirograms, i have depression and anxiety, when i am well i am usually a strong person with confidence, but all that has gone.... please help if you can... thanks Hilarybarnett11

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  • Hilary, I think you have the clinical symptoms of hyperthyroidism. I am hypo myself. 

    Others who have had it will respond. In the meantime fill in the 'symptoms'. It is not sufficient to just take the TSH as doctors have been instructed by the 'guidelines' which leave so many unwell and undiagnosed. He should also have taken your Free T3 if he was going to prescribe antidepressants. Low T3 can cause depression. 

    This is a link which might be helpful:

  • Thanks shaws for your reply... I have now been onto Blue Horizon Medicals, and have paid for a Check 4... I have an appointment for my bloods on Tuesday, I would like to think that it is my thyroid, then it would answer why i am feeling the way I do.... Many thanks Hilary :)

  • I hope the blood test will be as early as possible? That's when our TSH is highest and don't eat before it although you can drink water.

  • TSH 1.43 on 75mcg indicates you are adequately replaced, certainly not over replaced.  If feeling sick and losing weight etc. has happened after taking the anti-depressant it may be an adverse reaction to the anti-depressant.


    I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

  • Clutter, could your T3 and T4 be out do you think, even though, the doctors test says normal and also, could your b12 vitamin d and antibodies and anything else  be down, as i am not terribly up on all this..... Many thanks Hilary 

  • Hilarybarnett11,

    TSH doesn't give any clue to T4 and T3 levels so it is entirely possible to have low levels.  I had suppressed TSH with mid-range FT4 but FT3 was below range.  I also had vitamin D and folate deficiency, low (in range) B12 and very high ferritin.  It is worth asking your GP to test or ordering private tests if GP won't.

    Look at Blue Horizon Thyroid 10 and City Assays vitD in

  • Thanks Clutter for the information, and for getting back.... Hilary

  • Oh that's why I am losing weight too !!! ... Am really hot too but not like hot sweats ... I can't believe I agreed take them alongside my thyroxine .... They interact !!!  


    Could it be partly adrenals too ?

  • I shall definitely ask that question... Thanks Hilary

  • Sadly Docs do not recognise Adrenal Insufficiency - only Addisons - when the adrenals are completely shot.  Again it is a Private Test - the 24HR Saliva Test done by Genova Diagnostics through Thyroid UK.

  • Hi Marz  It 's ironic you should talk about the adrenals...Last year i had a swelling on one of my adrenal glands, I had a CT scan for my bowels, and that's when it showed up, i did have a couple of tests for it i.e, bloods I think, and one tablet i had to take one night.... all is i can remember, they said there was nothing wrong, so much has gone on for me in this last couple of years, I also lost my Husband, everything seems to be a blare, so I will ask for reminders on that one to what they did, all i remember is they said there was nothing wrong..... thanks Hilary

  • It was your post that lead me to adrenals - reading your symptoms.  If your adrenals are secreting  too much hormone it can cause weight loss - shaking and the other symptoms you mentioned.  The scan will not show what your adrenals are secreting and the blood test you had does not reveal enough.  The Short Synthanthen Test I think it is called or something like that !!   As I mentioned the 24 hours Saliva Test is the one you need and is a private test.

    Did you look at the link I gave you where you can check out Thyroid v Adrenals - it could be very helpful.

  • Thanks Marz, I have now read the the link, and that's the next step I am going to take..... Many thanks Hilary

  • I need do saliva test just ordered them off blue horizon , looks quite complicated though !! 

  • You will be fine - just follow the instructions and post them off !!

    Hope you soon feel well ...

  • Thanks Clutter for getting back to me, must admit, I was on Mirtazapine for 6 weeks, which makes you eat, but haven't had them for 6 weeks, and my appetite went even worse when i stopped them, just gone onto Prozac 3 days ago, put my appetite has not been good for 6 months, before any tablets.... Many thanks Hilary 

  • Hilary you sound like me. I am under active and suffer those symptoms. I haven't had an appetite for months and have lost a lot of weight. Also I'm taking Prozac for last 5 weeks but I don't think it's doing much. I'm due a blood test now after being on 75 mcg for three months so hoping I get a higher dose . Pat 

  • Hi Pat, have you only just gone on to Thyroxine? you just might need a higher dose, and might not need the Prozac,   I personally hate taking antidepressants, this is why I am going all out to check my thyroid, before I am on tablets for too long again.... I have been on Thyroxine  since 1996... over the years they have had me on 75 100 125 mirograms... so this is why i have paid for my test this time, to make sure they are not missing something, as I don't know enough about thyroid myself, and also a lot of GPs don't know enough, they don't seem to research into it enough, thank god for these sites.... Hilary  

  • I started on 50 mcg last December for six weeks then 75 for three months so I should go for blood test now. I'm hoping I don't need meds when my levels are right. Drs don't seem to connect the anxiety with thyroid so treat it as a totally different illness .I know I never had anxiety in my life before becoming under active. Why would the two things start at the same time if there's no connection. 


  • Hi Pat How are you doing?   I have since been put on Diazepam, to help with the anxiety whilst the Prozac get into my system, not happy about it, its until the Prozac start to work, then they will ween me off the Diazepam, not trying to take them all the time though,,,, But it does make you wonder whether they are missing something from your thyroid.... looking forward to seeing what  the private blood   test says which should be any day now, as the Doctors only do a minimum thyroid test... so sad.... Hilary

  • Low mood can = low FT3 ....  also Low B12 - also Low VitD.  Looking forward to seeing your results ...

    T3 was used to treat Low mood back in the 50's and 60's ....

  • What tests are you paying for Hilary ?? May join you ... The depression and anxiety is awful ... 

  • Hi Hilary. Well I went for blood test and according to the results dr said I am "normal "

    It was 8 am when she rang and I had just got out of bed so I wasn't prepared for that. Only thing I asked was what is my tsh and she said was 72 now 2.9 so just continue on 75 thyroxine. Also she will write a prescription for more Prozac. I was so disappointed cos I was sure my dose would be raised so could stop the Prozac. Now don't know what to do cos still got anxiety which I have never had in my life. The more I read the more I know it's part of under active thyroid. You are lucky to get Diazapam I wasn't given anything till Prozac kicked in. Now after 6 weeks I'm not convinced they are helping but family say I am not so anxious as I was. Maybe it's a gradual thing, I was expecting a light bulb moment when everything suddenly looked great.Think I was under an illusion. 

  • Jadedflower,

    TSH 2.9 is rather high for someone taking Levothyroxine.  Most people will feel well when TSH is 1.0 or lower with FT4 in the upper range.  Read Treatment Options in  Email if you would like a copy of the Pulse article to show your GP.

  • Thank you Clutter I will certainly read that

  • yep waiting light bulb effect too. !!  ... Feel awful think antidepressants are making me worse !! ... 

  • They take several weeks to work. I'm on my 7th week and only feel a little better. Don't think the light bulb moment is going to happen 

  • Hi Pat I know you think I am lucky getting the Diazapam, but you know, you can get hooked on them and I am scared, trying not to take the dose recommended, but quite scared, very anxious at the moment.   I am only on the Diazapam until the Prozac begin to work, which they said would take about 4 to 6 weeks, I some how think it may take longer, only been on these Prozac 2 weeks now, have had them before, when my husband was very ill, and after he died, I don't ever think I have been as bad as this before, this is why i went for a private blood test for my thyroid, as something deep down inside of me thinks they are missing something.  Doctors only give you the minimum test, and if that comes out normal, so be it,... then I am going to have my adrenals checked..... As regards family, it is so hard on them, they don't know what to say or do, and sometimes you tend to worry about them worrying about you, It is catch 22, unfortunately, ... My blood test should be due back anytime now, as I went to Warrington  Spires last Tuesday, through Blue Horizon ....... Your probably  a little like myself, you just want to feel better, the way you were once before, and I suppose takes a while for everything to get  back to normal, maybe you are feeling a little better if your family are noticing a difference, I hope so for you.... keep me informed to how you progress ...  Hilary  :)

  • Hi Hilary, 

    How are doing on the Prozac ,I think your right they take longer than 4to 6 weeks. I'm in my 7 th week and can't say I'm anything like the person I was. It's very strange that so many with thyroid probs end up on antidepressants. 

  • Pat are you feeling any better?   if there is a slight difference... it's just that it's going to take that bit longer, or maybe it also might be how bad your depression and anxiety is... I have never felt this bad in my life, and i think mine is going to be a lot longer than i would hope... have been on Prozac before, when my husband passed away, but i wasn't this bad x

  • A couple of days ago I would have said I was feeling a little better but the last two days I seem to have gone backwards. Got terrible shakes and stomach doing somersaults. I have to read others experiences of fluoxetine to see everyone has bad days and good days . That makes me feel slightly better. This is just not the person I am. 

  • Oh god ... They put me on citralopam 2 weeks ago .. Feel same !!! ... Had increase my thyroxine ... No onesaid they interact !!!! .... I feel worse !!  Are you still on the antidepressants ??? ... I feel worse !!!  Am so angry !!! 

  • Chris1961,

    According to there is no known interaction between Levothyroxine and Citalopram.  Perhaps you could take them at opposite ends of the day.

  • Yeh will try that thanks 

  • I don't think they interact but I do make sure I take them hours apart

  • What antidepressant are you on ?? Been on them 2 weeks and feel worse if take them same time as thyroxine 

  • I'm on Prozac but never take them same time as thyroxine 

  • Hi Chris, yes still on the Prozac, but as i stated have put me on Diazapam whilst the Prozac get into my system, been on Prozac 2weeks, would love to think, when the blood  test comes back from the lab, there is something missing from my thyroid, as at the moment i feel like hell, not trying to take the Diazapam as prescribed, as I am frightened to get to used to them...... It is strange how a few of us that have a thyroid problem end up on antidepressant, I am sure there must be something the Doctors are not checking.... I agree this last 7 months, with different antidepressant, I have literally gone down hill... I am also very angry... I am not the happy go lucky person I was.... I am still trying to find myself.... Hilary 

  • Have you read Kelly Brogans website/book  ?  Makes sense to me ....

  • Yeh made mistake taking them this morning alongside my thyroxine ... Gonna try them tomz night ...fog has lifted this afternoon .... Not sure really need them ... Need more thyroxine which helps !!! So glad I aren't alone !!  Xx

  • Oh by the way I know when am under medicated ... Get pressure in my ear ... Does that ring true with anyone ... Suffered vertigo too ... My pal has tinutus with underactive thyroid .. 

  • ...or it could be LOW B12 ....look at the number one symptom on the link below ....

  • Had it tested last month , said it was slightly high !! ... Didn't get print out off doctor thanks 

  • Was thinking about your friend with tinnitus - as it is top of the list of neurological signs with B12D ....

  • Will tell her thanks. ... Any idea what pressure in ear is ?? Heard a few say they get it like me ?? It seems worse when I haven't took enough thyroxine ...

  • Interesting to hear all this, as I have always had tinnitus, and didn't connect it with my thyroid, have hearing aids now....

  • Surprising what this illness can cause !!  ... My friend takes 175 mg thyroxine !! Really high dose , I am losing weight on citralopam been on it 2 weeks ... Feel rubbish Hilary !!! ... Radio iodine made me worse than having overactive thyroid !!! 

  • Do you get pressure in yr ear like me ??? It's awful !!  Cheers Hilary ... Hope we will get there in the end !!  

  • Oh by the way check out canilith repositioning manoveour on you tube !!  It's brill for tinnitus and you can do it yourself ... Please try it let me know !! ... Me and my pal did it and it really helps !!  She had probs ears like me .. I get vertigo too .... !!! 

  • Apparently you live 7 miles away Hilary .. I live in Goole !!! 

  • I have always had a noise in my right ear, from being little, and right from being quite young every doctor I saw thought I had a thyroid problem, but rammed me on Valium instead, hiding the fact I had a problem, that is why i don't trust doctors now, I got myself off Valium in 1992,but before that I suffered Vertigo for 2 years, I now know there is a connection between Vertigo and thyroid, not really suffered it since, do sometimes have a few dizzy spells, and I think that is thyroid related.... I was diagnosed thyroid in1995   ,,, Hilary

  • Yep had vertigo too !!! Xx

  • noise in your ear can also be effect of aluminium poisoning

    check all your cookware because if its aluminium or non stick coated GET RID alsp phone your water supply co to check whether they use any form of aluminium or alum or fluoride in their treatment

  • TSH is a totally inadequate test to assess thyroid function

    you need Free T4 and Free T3 in order to work out whats wrong

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