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Feeling Hot but Low Body Temperature/Secondary Hypothyroidism?

Diagnosed with Secondary Hypothyroidism, managed to get my Endocrinologist yesterday to increase my Levothyroxine dose to 175 mcg from 150 mcg, my symptoms still suggest I'm hypothyroid.

I have a basal body temperature of 35.8oC on wakening. I'm heat intolerant and the seasons seem to effect my symptoms, any extremes in weather and my symptoms seem to worsen.

Is only recently I thought I'd check my body temperature whilst working, I have a physical/active job and feel hot however my skin feels very cold. I checked my temperature and at first it wouldn't register then it registered 32oC, so I took a break and rechecked my temp which I take under my tongue and the temperature started to rise. So I thought it's probably a dodgy thermometer so I purchased another one and took my temperature again and sure enough my temp was reading 32oC and it would increase after I stopped working.

As I said I feel hot and sweating when working but my skins extremely cold, even after any sweat has evaporated my skins still feels cold.

Can anyone explain what is going on here please, my Endocrinologist has no idea, I'd have thought taking my temperature under my tongue is a good representation of body core temperature.

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When hypo and not on sufficient thyroid hormones our temp and pulse can be low.

This is how to measure when we are hypo before blood tests were introduced along with levo.


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