Any advice on cold remedies?

I wonder if anyone can help, after returning from holiday I have terrible catarrh. I have it every time I fly, I think the air conditioning gets me. In the past I have taken a decongestant to dry it up, but since taking Levothyroxine I see you are advised not to take certain cold/cough remedies. I am ok during the latter part of the day but for a few hours after waking I am coughing badly trying to clear the back of my nose/throat. I have put Oubas oil on a handkerchief by my pillow and bought an inhaler too, when I lie down i cough and feel as though I'm choking.

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  • Avoid consumption of citrus fruits (including juices) and dairy products. Gargle often with warm salt water.

    If I am really blocked up nasally I use something like Otrivine for a few days.

    When I got to bed I spread some Tiger Balm on my top lip.

  • Thank you Hypopotamus, will try that.

  • Talk to your local qualified pharmacist, you may find nose drops or spray may work for you - use as little as gives you relief, not 'cure'; overuse may cause a rebound effect - worse than before.

    Most cold remedies contain ephidrine derivatives; as we hypothyroid disease sufferers are prone to raised blood pressure, so use is discouraged. E.g. my consultant lets me take one tablet a day (first thing) of 'remedy' that is a 4 per day for normal dosage + ephidrine nose drops, for 'emergency' one-off, if have sinuses blocked/pain.

  • Thank you AlasdairM

  • Short term use of Sudafed (without caffeine) might sort it out.

  • Thank you humphrey

  • when flying, I always ended up with a sore throat and cold with 36-48 hrs - put it down to the recirculating air-con in the plane. Then one day thought why not? So now when flying, I always close the overhead air-vent - and suck a strepsil lozenge (the pink ones are sugar-free or were). My flights were short-haul only so only needed 2/3 per flight, 1 each on take off and landing (sucking/swallowing) also helps with pressure build-up and perhaps one mid-flight. I never since had had sore throats/colds after I did that. Used to fly 2-3 times a year. Hope this helps.

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