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Is this rash possibly Coeliac / skin sensitivity ?

Is this rash possibly Coeliac / skin sensitivity ?

These are most of my symptoms:

bloating, evenings, frequently

gas, morning evening any time 2 - 3 times weekly at least

pain / cramps -  properly only once but frequent in one area for years.

face swelling itching, red sores and patches pimples opened up overnight arms, (elbow crease, sometimes forearm, back of wrist - all very itchy)  Still pretty Mild, but verging on medium effectively wake up itchy face at first sign of attack of skin problems which stays about 10 days, gradually itching less and drying out the skin

headaches a bit more frequent and a bit more severe (most days now, sharp drilling but don’t last long.

tiredness all day after no reason to be this tired.

i have hypothyroid and GERD, (medicated)

There are probably other things in there that i have forgotten, i can answer any question the above sounds like...

thinking about asking for a blood test monday

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I have similar symptoms and I do think it's celiac disease, get very swollen and bloated/swollen after bread and pasta. I just haven't taken the plunge yet as with a family of 5 of us the food shopping Bill is high enough as it is.

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CloudDog and Hidden,

Bloating, gas, indigestion, constipation and diarrhoea can be due to Coeliac Disease which your GP can do a tissue transglutamine blood test to check.  You need to continue eating normal amounts of gluten daily for six weeks prior to the coeliac screen.

Some people are negative for coeliac disease but may have non-coeliac gluten sensitivity and may still benefit from giving up gluten.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


Thank you my mum is hypo and coeliac too. Will definitely be asking for a GP test for this.


Its possible, but a lot of that could be due to an un- or under- treated thyroid deficiency and/or non coeliac gluten sensitivity. I looked back at your posts and you've never posted your thyroid blood test results.

If you don't have online access you can ask your doctor's surgery for a printout of your latest blood results, and post them here, with ranges (the figures in brackets) for comment by those of us who have been battling with doctors over the years.

Even if you aren't coeliac, if you have autoimmune thyroiditis, AKA Hashimoto's disease then going gluten free can protect your remaining thyroid gland, and even out the highs and lows. But don't go gluten free till they have tested you because no gluten means the antibodies disappear.. 


Hello clouddog your picture made me think of Lupus. Which is also autoimmune. ..just a thought. I don't have any first hand experience of it just work with someone who has SLE gest a similar rash.


I get this, with plain hypo so far as I know. I am completely gluten free. A malar rash can be a late symptom I believe.


By 'this' I mean the bloating etc and the rash/flush.  Sudocrem helps.


And I have tested free for h pylori and one of the B12 autoimmunities.. parietal cells or intrinsic factor ... looks as though it starts in the gut, could be an effectbof sibo I suppose.


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