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Do symptoms come and go?

Hi. If anyone has read my previous posts, you will remember that I have been feeling ill for about eight months, with symptoms including tiredness, aching muscles/joints, hair loss and itchy skin. I have had blood tests which people commenting on here seemed to think needed further investigation, but my doctor seemed to think were ok. I returned to my doctor and requested further tests for B12, folates etc and I had these done on Friday. Over the last few days though, I have felt a bit better. I don't think my aches and pains are as bad and I am not itching all day. I am worried now that I have pushed for something that I shouldn't have done. Is it common for symptoms to come and go or have I made myself feel worse by imagining the cause?

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Chickenmitch, if you have thyroid antibodies symptoms can fluctuate, being worse when the thyroid is under attack and improving when the attack ceases and antibodies drop. You were right to ask for the tests, they will confirm or rule out autoimmune thyroid disease and B12 or folate deficiency or low levels.

TSH levels are often lower during the spring and summer and if your TSH is dropping in anticipation of spring this can also improve symptoms.

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Thanks Clutter. It is all a bit confusing but I know I haven't imagined feeling so bad for so long.

I just feel guilty for making a nuisance of myself at the doctors instead of quietly going away like they wanted me to!


Chicken, you shouldn't feel guilty. You shouldn't even have to ask for tests, the doctor should be testing everything and anything which might be responsible for your symptoms, not hoping you'd go away and put up with it.


Chickenmitch, that is what he's paid for! Make him do his job as he doesn't seem to be doing it off his own bat. Why should he be paid for sitting on his a*** all day? Nobody else is!




My symptoms fluctuate frequently, at the moment I am a lot better and free of diarrhea, hives etc. If and when they come back I am going to look at whether anything is different in terms of diet, stress etc as I think it has to be something like that.


My symptoms definitely come and go, and I still worry about "making a fuss" in case it's nothing. I tend to keep a written record of things nowadays, so that I can monitor how long something has been going on for. I still feel guilty about visiting the GP, even if it is later proved that something is wrong (and it usually is).


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