Hi all haven't been on for a while.I have hashimotos and fibromialgia my cholesterol has gone up to 8.75 my docter has given me statins to take but I'm worried about taking them as they can cause more pain and leaflet says if you have problems with thyroid. My endo discharged me last year and I keep telling my docter I think it is to do with my thyroid.I haven't got my last blood results not sure what to do docter says I could have a stroke or heart attack 

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I too have Hashes, PMR due to having to take long term steroids my cholesterol has gone high .Started satins 4 weeks ago have caused no problems at all '

Hope that helps


Thankyou I'll try them x


Cholesterol often rises when TSH rises and when thyroid is optimally medicated cholesterol will drop.

You might want to Google Dr. Malcolm Kendrick's blogs on cholesterol and statins before you start taking them.  There are also posts on statins in

Thankyou clutter I thought I had read somewhere that there was a problem with statins and thyroid I'm going to ring the thyroid nurse tomorrow 

Hi. Thyroid hormones influence the way cholesterol is synthesized and broken down. With hypothyroidism and hashimotos this is often slowed down leading to high cholesterol. I was put on statins last September and my cholesterol level was 8, yesterday it was 3.9. So I think it may be worth it. I've not had any problems. :-)

Hi Lifeback, I found another thread discussing statins/hypothyroidism.

There are serveral scientific trials and books written on the subject about Statins and high cholesterol. All show that high cholesterol isn't dangerous, doesn't lead to heart desease etc. and that Statins do more harm than good. The only good it does is for Big Pharma!!!

You can access articles by googling the keywords. 

I used to take Statins for over 10 years, because of very high cholesterol (up to 10), it never brought my cholesterol down to normal. But when I threw the Statins and changed my diet to low carb high fat (lchf) my cholesterol normalized.  has great articles and Doctor interviews on the subject  

I wish I had never taken Statins. Long term side effects are not nice! 

By the way, I would recommend you LDN, which is a immune regulator and has great effect on fibromyalgia and Hashimotos along with a long list of auto immune disorders. It has very few, light and passing side effects  

It is cheap and has been a life changer for many with chronic illnesses. It is a prescription drug  

I have taken LDN for 4.5 months now with really good effect on my fibromyalgia, pain and energi level, quality of sleep and mood. 

It is healing my Lichen Sclerosis too. 

You must ask your Doc to show you research that statins can benefit women.  When you take a statin it not only blocks cholesterol but also blocks CoQ10 - something that every cell in your body needs for energy - and that includes the cells of your heart.  Also recent research from Japan - link below - shows that statins causes blocking of the arteries.  Yes - unbelievable !  This happens because a statin blocks VitK2 - which is responsible for directing calcium from the arteries  into the bones and soft tissues.  So a build up of calcium is part of the blockage than can occur.

Cholesterol is also needed for VitD to be processed in the skin from the sun.  Over 25% of the brain is made from cholesterol.  Over 80% of cholesterol is produced in the body and is nothing to do with diet - it is there for a very good reason.  It is needed to produce other hormones in the body.

Doctors are rewarded for prescribing statins -  and with 12 million in the UK on them - one has to ask the question why is alzheimers and dementia on the increase ??  The brain needs good fats and cholesterol ....

Homocysteine is much more of an indicator of having a stroke but is rarely tested in the UK.  I have had had mine tested annually here in Crete and as it reduced so did my cholesterol - with a good B Complex and Optimal B12 levels.

So in brief - if your GP prescribes a statin - the very least he should also prescribe CoQ10 and VitK2 - which will be missing once on statins.

The new generation of statins proclaim they do NOT have any side effects - and yet the Drug companies have been denying that the existing statins ever had any - umm food for thought !  Also Dr Sarah Myhill - mentions that the only positive effect of a statin is anti-inflammatory - similar to the mechanism of VitD !!  So why not take that as well ....  From her book - Sustainable Medicine.

Marz, if I could "Like" your post more than once, I would. :)

Thanks for replys I'm not taking them I don't want to be in any more pain I'm sure gp,s are on commission with statins and fed up with being given a tablet all the time they never get to the real problem gp knows nothing about thyroid he said yesterday your tsh is ok and I asked what about T3 T4 he said they don't test for that I said they do but only endos x

Hi, I found this interesting reading:

Great link  - thank you .....

Do not take statins they are uneccesary a d domore harm than good.

Hi,  my cholesterol levels kept going up and up when I was on levothyroxine.  As soon as I switched to natural desiccated thyroid they reduced immediately.  I would say address your thyroid issues and get optimally treated with NDT and you won't have cholesterol issues (and perhaps fibromyalgia issues) any more.  Dr Malcolm Kendrick's blog is very useful when making the decision to take statins or not.

Interesting discussion - I have high cholesterol (8.95) but I've so far managed to avoid medication because my GP has only ever read the TC:HDL ratio which is within the desirable range (thanks to a high HDL of 2.6).

I've recently had some blood work done and it will be interesting to see if anything has changed. I'd be keener to see if a trial of thyroid medication would regulate the cholesterol than to accept statins but it's unlikely a GP would consent to that as I'm sure that my TSH will be within limits :)

Lifeback - it it not practical for you to consider having some private testing for FT3 and FT4? I must admit that I'm considering it if my cholesterol result is high and my GP advises statin use. (I'm already active and I'm at the low end of the BMI for my height so the typical lifestyle changes are not likely to change my results.)

My cholesterol was reduced when I started taking T3

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