Advice on NDT for a Hashimoto patient

6 years ago I started putting on weight.  At first i thought it was normal as the weight gain was not so big so I went on a diet and continued my fitness programme (I did 8 hours a week of personal training) but I did not shed any weight in a year.  I also started having pains all over my body.  I had mood swings.  I couldn't even get out of bed in the mornings.  Finally, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's and was told there is no cure for it. 

Unfortunately, I live in Greece, home of traditional endocrinology.  The first doctor I saw prescribed 165mg of T4, which I faithfully took for a year.  I gained 5 more kilos.  I also couldn't complete even half of my usual workout.  I was always very tired.  I started reading about it and asked my doctor to run tests for vitamin D.  I had a serious deficiency in it.  I took more pills and sat in the sun for an hour every day.  I also took selenium and ester-C pills, vitamin E and cut down on gluten (not completely - I live in a country where gluten is found everywhere).

After 14 months on T4 and vitamin supplements, and feeling worse, I fired my first doctor  and went to a University professor.  She told me to chuck out all medication and relax, which I did.  I gained 8 more kilos and started losing my hair.  I went to a hematologist who told me I had serious iron deficiency and got me on gyno-Tardyferon pills. 

I recently had new tests done and an ultra sound and found a 'suspicious' lump in the middle section of the thyroid (apologies but I don't know the jargon).  I am now seeing a new endocrinologist tonight.  Should I ask for NDT?  or Armour?  I don't think they are on sale in Greece because I remember mentioning it to the first doctor and he said this is all mambo-jumbo.  If this doctor agrees to prescribe NDT, can I order online from the UK somewhere?

I would appreciate a reply either here or on a message.

Thank you

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  • hi, I cant believe you were diagnosed with Hashimotos then told by a professor to stop taking your pills!   one of the members on here lives in Greece, im sure when she reads your post she will give you good advice.

  • I am sorry you have been running into some problem advice.  I have Hashimotos which was diagnosed here in Crete in 2005.  I have always found the medics to be very open to new ideas.  I was prescribed T4 in the beginning - but through this forum/books/websites I have navigated my way through the maze of the world of thyroid.  I am now T3 only which can be bought without a prescription as you probably know.  I did a spread sheet of all my thyroid results over the first few years - showed the GP - and of course she could see that the T4 was NOT converting into the Active T3.  Quite common with Hashi's.  So had her blessing in the beginning - now going it alone with annual bloodtests.

    Mostly with Hashimotos it is about learning and finding your own way I'm afraid - and if you look to the right of this page under the heading TOPICS you can click onto Hashimotos and the 1775 posts !!

    Oh - I am Gluten Free - and have been now for 3 years - and have for the first time had a BIG drop in anti-bodies after years of being around 900 ++.  I find it really easy with endless salads - vegetables - available - and so much home cooked food.  Most of us seem to cook from scratch.

    I am more than happy to help you with extra advice - apart from the NDT - which I have not used.  Am suspecting you are in Athens ??  Hope the appointment goes well this evening.  Not sure they will prescribe either NDT or Armour.

  • Have started gluten free this week ... Went to a homeopath checked me over thoroughly and said i need stay of gluten. ... I am determined stick at it  

  • Pan-Greece,

    A suspicious lump on the thyroid is usually a nodule.  Your endo will probably arrange for you to have an ultrasound guided fine needle aspiration biopsy to determine whether or not the nodule is benign.  95% of nodules will be benign.

    As you can buy T3 readily you could try a combination of T4+T3 initially and if that doesn't suit you T3 only.  NDT can be ordered online without a prescription but you'll have to check whether you are allowed to import it into Greece.


    I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

  • the biopsy was benign thank god!  The new doctor I'm seeing seems confident he will regulate my thyroid levels to near normal - he just asked me for some patience for the first 3 months - after what I've been through, this sounds very hopeful.  I asked for NDT and he said that it is not approved in Greece so I would have problems importing it but he assured me that there are new drugs out there that will work - he prescribed something called Tirosint ( I think it's levo) but we will reevaluate in two months... 

    We'll see I guess - thank you for the replies and the support!

  • Pan-Greece,

    3 months may be a little optimistic but when you are optimally medicated on Tirosint (which is Levothyroxine) you will feel better.

  • How are things going ?

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