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Am I just a lightweight?

Does everyone else starting on hypothyroid meds feel this bad (currently under 3 fleece covers on sofa unable to get warm and feeling like I've been hit by a bus, dreading my 3 young kids coming home from school) and are you all put on sick leave until you start to feel more normal? I started feeling unwell 5/6 mths ago and started meds in feb but still having problems adapting dosage. Have been on sick leave on and off since last nov.

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I was off sick for 4 months when I was first unwell. Despite signing me off work, my GP refused to do anything as my TSH never got out of range.

I had to self medicate from the start. I was feeling unbelievably different after a few days on NDT, and back at work about 6 weeks after starting.

If you have been put onto Levo, your GP should be retesting by now & adjusting your dose

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Dose has just been increased (for a second time) to 50mcg. My tests show improvement and my dr is very results-led. And once again my reaction to 50mcg is the same...knocked off my feet with stronger exhaustion. I would up dosage to 100mcg but my dr thinks I react big to small dosage so is hesitant to increase too fast.

Would be reassuring to know this is the normal process of things when starting on levo.

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I know some people really react strongly to it, and I didn't get on with it at all when I was 'persuaded' to try it; I ended up on benzos.

So I'm sticking with the NDT. Hopefully someone who knows more about Levo will be along


What's NDT?

my mother is on Eltroxin for her "borderline" hypothyroid problem and has no complaints. Is Eltroxin so much different?


Eltroxin is just one of a number of brands of Levo.

NDT is natural dessicated thyroid, the original medication used for hypo before the 'invention' of the synthetic version of T4.


Your doctor is correct in only increasing by 25 mcg every six weeks. You cannot hurry things with thyroid. And a jump of 50 mcg would stress your body.

You also need your vit d, vit B12, folate and ferritin tested, because these all need to be optimal for your body to be able to use the hormone you're giving it. :) 


Some folk take longer for the body to adapt to the hormone so starting low and working up after blood tests every 6-8 weeks is common. Even when i was increased to 125 mcg it was months before i felt alot better.

Sorry but there is not an instant fix.

You need to read up on the disease ,look at Thyroid Uk and Thyroid Patient Advocacy sites. There are good US sites. Stop the Thyroid Madness, Tired Thyroid, Isabella Wentz.

Some people do better on particular brands of T4 because of the fillers/ binders affecting them .

Get your results and ranges in brackets and post them for advice.


keep researching. I learned the basics on the stopthethyroidmaddness website..i think you should read there. Altho i don't agree with much of it now, it made it very easy to understand. If you are dosing by labs..i just feel not too confident in t=your doctor. Most don't know how to treat. please read up on it all. Do you have hashi's too?


My blood results show a problem with my antibodies and I asked my dr was it Hashimotos but he said my scan shows no nodules so no its not. But surely if my antibodies show auto-immune problem, it DOES mean I have hashis? My dr can only think within the box and I think thyroid problems tend to involve things outside of the box (each individual patient is different and results shouldn't be the only thing that matter).

Thanks for the link.


you need a new doctor, like one who specializes in healing the immune system.  Yes, you have autoimmune is a big deal, no matter what they say.  Having a good immune system, is what keeps people from getting disease.  We have a bad immune system.  

look up Dr. Mark Hyman and "how to stop attacking yourself"


Thank u all so much for your comments. Looks like I've alot of reading to do! Let's hope I can retain the info!!


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