Blood test results

Blood test results

Just got back from my Endo appointment. He said thyroid is fine. That I'm post menopause 😡. That all my symptoms are old age!!! Only 44. That I need to go to see menopause specialist to see if I can have HRT as I have Endometriosis. To go back to see him if they don't sort me out and he would up levothyroxine by 25mg. I'm currently on 100mg. .....

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  • Well, there is certainly plenty of room for an increase in levo if you still have symptoms - your results look undermedcated. Old age ...? How did Mother Theresa manage? Don't get conventional HRT, if you can afford it, go private for bioidentical. Surely you shouldn't be menopausal at that age - that in itself sounds off.

  • If your thyroid is fine why is he increasing the dosage? Why are you on levo at all if its menopause?!

    Can you get a second opinion?

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