Great news! I can have 2 weeks of loading doses, but can I ask your opinion on how to space these with Easter please?

Hi, once again thank you for all your help in getting this far. I have been told I can have 2 weeks loading doses and monthly injections and see how symptoms improve (after low Active B12/ high MMA results).

I'm also having ferritin, thyroid retested and IF.

They've given me Wednesday for first dose ( wasn't a free apptment for Thursday) , then 2 next week and 3 week after. After getting home and thinking about it! Realise there is a week between the first 2 doses, so can I ask if you think I should cancel this first one and add it onto the end to avoid the gap please?

Thanks once again, I'd have never got this far without learning so much on here, with so much support...:)

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  • Jo5454, the PAS forum is probably a better place to ask questions about loading doses.

  • Lucky you, my gp has just refused, despite my low b12 and symptoms. Congratulations! why don't you just wait until after Easter? Good luck :-)

  • Do it yourself, if you are symptomatic and getting nowhere, then do it on your own, thousands of us do and nobody Ive spoken to regrets it. Its not dear to buy ampules and syringes. Join the PA forum and someone will give you all the info you need

  • Thank you, I have contacted them. :-)

  • I think it is better to have them closer together. I was going on holiday for a week when I got my diagnosis, and the GP wouldn't start the injections until I returned.

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