Chronic heartburn

I was experiencing weakness & pain in leg muscles & feet due to over medicating T3. I cut down and stopped T3 and feeling okay at the moment except for constant heartburn. I have tried dosing before every meal with ACV and at first got some relief but the heartburn returns quickly. Does anyone have any views on stopping T3 & heartburn/ (gerd). I have an appointment to see doc next week as they say any heartburn lasting 3 weeks or more should be checked as it may be cancer :/ now I'm scared.

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  • How much ACV do you take, and how do you take it? Are you just swallowing it neat? Diluting it in water?

    There is an alternative to ACV called Betaine HCL + pepsin which is available online without prescription by quite a lot of manufacturers.

    Some helpful links on stomach acid and betaine HCL :

    Although I referred to Betaine HCL as an alternative to ACV that isn't strictly true.

    This is my understanding of what is going on - and I could very well be wrong because I'm not an expert.

    The stomach needs to reach a certain level of acidity before the valve between the stomach and the intestines will open and food will "move on". If it takes too long for the stomach to get acidic, then food stays in the gut too long and starts to ferment. The valve between the stomach and the oesophagus will sometimes open rather than the valve at the bottom of the stomach that should open. When this happens people get acid reflux, indigestion and heartburn.

    ACV makes the stomach more acid, so helps food to move on as I said earlier. But ACV isn't a true substitute for stomach acid. It doesn't help the body break down food properly like real stomach acid would. So food will move into the intestines while still not digested very well, and this might make the gut feel uncomfortable.

    Betaine HCL is (I think) a true substitute for stomach acid and will break down food in the stomach like proper stomach acid, but only if it is taken under the right circumstances and in the right quantities. My last link above discusses what kind of mistakes people make, and how to avoid them.

  • Humanbean, your description is my understanding of it, too. I get good results from ACV, but I didn't have that much heartburn to begin with. I always got the impression ACV was for lighter cases, and if you get no relief from that you should move onto Betaine. It's possible to take a very high dose with those, too, if that's what you need.

  • Thanks for your reply Humanbean, I take a tablespoon of ACV diluted in a glass of water 3 times a day before meals.

  • Rather than taking it before meals perhaps you can try sipping it throughout your meals? It might be worth a try.

    When I get indigestion I find it occurs much more frequently with meals containing meat or fish or other forms of protein. Perhaps you could avoid the ACV when you are eating a meal with little protein, and see if it makes a difference.

  • Will give that a try. Thank you for your advice.


  • Stig I have chronic heartburn too and last September had a gastroscopy, Now I have pernicious anaemia and is it possible you might have it? Best get checked out. Yes, I was concerned about the C word too. But so relieved that 15 minutes having the gastroscopy showed I did Not have it. I do have a large hiatus hernia. I now have the head of my bed raised, it sort of helps. Some people have low acid and some produce too much. Treatment will depend on what is found.

    I'm no expert or medic but I do advise you to keep that doctors appointment. Personally I really need to lose weight which is particularly hard being hypothyroid, which no doubt others experience only too well. Losing weight should help my gastric problems. Fingers crossed.

    I wish you ease of mind soon. My thoughts and positivity are with you. 💐 'M'

  • Thank you so very much for your reply and well wishes :) yes I will most definitely be keeping my doctors appointment with fingers crossed for a good outcome.

  • Thank you Stig. 💐

  • acv and pepsin made me worse. Are you on no thyroid meds now?

  • Hi faith63, I was on T3 only but stopped a coupe of weeks ago.

  • were you ever diagnosed as hypo or have any suspicious labs or just using t3 as an experiment? ? my daughter used 50 t3 for 3 years and started forgetting it and stopped. noticed nothing except the constipation came back. she had some lowish labs, but only symptom was constipation and weight she couldn't lose, but not bad at all, really. If i stopped it, i would die. My tsh is now 0.003.

    If i had no def huge, major, low thyroid symptoms, i would never be on thyroid meds. the use of them, makes your own body not work right and makes your thyroid shrink. At first, i was all for my daughter going on, i say that i am glad that they didn't harm her.

  • I was tested 6 months ago and although I had a TSH of 5.9 doc would not treat until TSH reached 10 so I self medicated as I was experiencing breathlessness, mood swings, palpitations, and a weight gain of almost 2 stone in 5 months. As soon as I started the palpitations ceased and mood improved. Weight still going up but at a slower rate then I started getting really painful legs and put it down to over medicating so I stopped. The pain subsided within days and now I'm afraid to go back on it so at the minute I'm not taking any as If I do end up going back to the doctor she may want blood tests and I also have a bowel cancer screening coming up so as long as I feel okay (apart from heartburn) I'll stay off it untill after the screening.

  • i went into a scoping, knowing i would be diagnosed with cancer and they found nothing, but mild gastritis. My gut is terrible. Do you have Hashimotos too? Words cannot describe, the torture my gut puts me thru..the distention, reflux, vomiting, slow digestion..on and on. The gut holds most of the immune system in it. it is a real wake up call, to heal the gut and , yes, hashi's and other autoimmune diseases are curable, once food sensitivities and imbalances are healed. I was scoped 3 times.

    The tsh, is very hypo, indeed! You need to research more and find out why you are hypo.

    go here, read her story and read the website..

  • Thanks for the link, will have a look. I am so sorry to hear of your suffering and i really hope you get some ease soon. xx

  • i am sorry for you too. never give up and double check, research everything. Good luck toy you too.

  • Hi, Be careful taking Betaine until you know what you have going on. If you have a stomach ulcer you shouldn't take it. I am just managing to get my gut issues under control thankfully, but suffered for a long time with heartburn and lots of stomach pain. After an endoscopy last September I was told it was H Pylori and a stomach ulcer. A scan showed Gall Stones. I was given strong anti biotics and PPi's . This eradicated the H Pylori which a breath test confirmed. I was on PPi's and long term anti biotics before and I believe this contributed to my issues. I went Gluten free and changed my diet cutting out a lot of sugary things. I've never been one for greasy food but it would have gone if I were. I make my own bone broth and take Organic Cyder Vinigar in water before meals. This helps to make acid. My GP thinks I am still taking the PPi's but I'm not, he thinks I have too much acid..I don't. I am feeling much better now so I think that proves the case. Also I only eat up until around 6 pm and that gives my stomach a long time to digest my daytime meals. I do have the occasional Rennies or Bicarb if I have an attack of heartburn. I was constantly burping and every meal was a nightmare. I eat more slowly and don't drink any cold drinks during my meals, I used to drink really cold water with my meals but discovered it causes problems with the digestion.

    I know it's scary waiting for test but try to stay calm because anxiety plays your stomach up. I know all about anxiety too.

    Thinking of you and wishing you nothing but the best. xxx

  • Hi Mango_555

    I am trying to source the proper bones to make broth without any luck.

    Have you any advice please?

    J 👍

  • I googled organic butchers near my area and found a brilliant one just a short drive away. They give me a big carrier bag of bones for around £2.00. I told them they are for making broth and they said they have a few customers making it. I purchased a large slow cooker from Argos for £20.00 which as already paid for itself, compared to buying broth (big mistake I bought my first lot from a company on Amazon...load of watery rubbish and got my money back!) I put some organic carrots and onion in and about 7 cloves garlic ( I buy frozen ready garlic in the Asian food selection, bargain). I give the bones a bit of a rinse under the tap and put them into the cooker. I then put in 2 litres of Ashbeck mineral water (from Tesco). Put the lid on and turn dial to slow.

    I leave it cooking for about 8-9 hours. Remove the bones and veg pour it through a sieve into a large saucepan. Put the lid on the saucepan and place in the kitchen sink. I fill the sink with cold water half way up the saucepan. It goes cold quicker that way. I leave it in the fridge after it as gone cold over night. Next morning scrape off the fat and pour the lovely jelly into individual boxes and freeze until I need it. I add large couple of spoonfuls ( it doesn't matter if it's still frozen) to a cup of mineral water and bring it to the boil. My first batch didn't set but I still used it and it was fine.

    A pinch of pink Hymalayan salt and job done.

    It really does help and worth making. x

  • Thank you so much for that useful info M.

    The only place I could get bones from grass fed animals was from England and I was seriously thinking of ordering.

    After your reply I too googled Organic butchers in N Ireland and Lo and behold up popped one a few miles from me.

    I phoned them and the owner said that he rears the cows himself and a lot of local Restaurants get the bones for making


    I'm chuffed to bits. I have read that you can add a little bit of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar to the water to draw out the


    They say it puts hair on your chest. I sincerely hope not!!!




  • Really pleased for you. I forgot to mention putting the vinigar in sorry. x

  • Hi Jose651

    I am originally from N.Ireland I left Belfast for Kent 10 years ago but go back home often to see family. :) Just wanted to say "Hi" and glad you got sorted re: bones.

    I hope you keep well.

    Loraine x

  • Hello there L,

    What's the craic!

    Got 3 lovely bones earlier and just about to follow

    Mango's recipe.

    Glad you get back to see your family. I'm nearer to the border but used to work in Belfast in the 70s.

    Take care my Dear



  • I've noticed Abel and Cole will deliver organic chicken carcasses. People in the comments rave about them.

    Their minimum cost to deliver is something like £12, so you'd have to order other things, too. I get their organic veg box each week. I love it, but its pricey. If you were doing a one-off order I really recommend the fruit box. Everything tastes so much punchier than supermarket fruit. I also like all the smoothie, juicing, and soup kits. Very motivating to make all those things without having to engage brain and plan anything :)

  • Thanks for your reply S,

    Too far away from me but sounds so tasty.


  • Thank you so much for your reply, I have an appointment to see my doctor so hopefully I can find out what is going on. xx

  • i would not expect much from the doctor. They know very little about diet..just drugs. They do the wrong tests, misinterpret tests, don't treat properly. As for the GI, i have been scoped 4 times, since the age of 40. I have not gotten one bit better and the antacids and ppi's, may have given me hashimotos. They are glorified pharmaceutical reps.

  • hi there

    Digestive 'bitters' ( PM if you want a name) worked to stop the reflux in its tracks for me. If I feel it coming on I just take a dose of bitters. In the past I had the usual prescribed meds and even taking them twice a day initially, when I had a flare up, it could take several weeks to go away. I only ever took them when needed.

    To put that in perspective, I did change from levo to NDT 6 months ago and several chronic body issues have pretty much vanished and it is therefore possible that the thyroid med change has had an influence on the occurrence of acidity for me. Can't comment on the link to t3 dose.

    Regarding your investigations, my husband had such severe reflux that he needed to be investigated as he was having difficulty swallowing. Turns out for him it was just inflammation/swelling/scaring of the tissues which reduced the space available for food. The swelling reduced, he eats normlaly and it has never developed into anything sinister. He takes his meds religiously as he has been told he must suppress the acid.


  • Thanks for your reply and i hope you & your husband keep well. x

  • It won't be cancer, it will be low acid due to the reduction in T3. The fact that ACV stops it even temporarily shows that.

    Certain foods can aggravate it, alcohol, spicy food. For me it's also all grains, including GF food, only rice doesn't set me off.

    I find DGL which you can get in any health food store or Amazon is really helpful. Chew one tablet twenty minutes before each meal.

  • Is that Good and Natural Liqourice ?

  • Deglycerrhized (not sure of the spelling) Licquorice. I have bought several different brands.

  • Thanks for that I love licquorice :) will definitely be trying some of that. :)

  • Ruthi, just want to let you know I got some DGL and... BINGO  :)  so far so good haven't felt any heartburn in over 24 hours. :) Thank you so much for the tip. 

    Blessings. Loraine x

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