For anyone who has been told to "Eat less, exercise more"

I'm sure some of you will have read about the study that's been carried out in Israel, but for those of you who haven't and have been told that your weight problems are all in your head and you just need to eat less and exercise more, have a read here:

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  • Think Dr Moseley covered this research in one of his TV programmes. Sent one of his ladies there. Very interesting and we will hear more and more of stool transplants.

    Am sure it is the way forward ......

    Thank you for sharing.

  • That's where I saw the item mentioned first Marz. It did set me thinking back to when I started putting weight on and I do believe that it was around the time that I decided I should eat "healthier" and started counting calories. Maybe I've been my own worst enemy to a point :(

  • You are NOT alone :-)

  • If anyone says this to me I punch them in the face!

  • Interesting. My endocrinologist who is sadly retiring said he thinks in future medical treatment will be more tailored to the individual as not everybody responds the same way to treatment. The sooner the better!

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