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I didn't know that thyroid disease increases diastolic blood pressure

I have recently discovered that thyroid disease can affect blood pressure. Hypothyroidism could increase diastolic blood pressure in older people. It has slow onset and it may go unnoticed for years because of its subtle symptoms especially in elderly when fatigue and blood pressure issues are more common.

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Yes, it does. Treating hypothyroidism with sufficient thyroid hormone replacement often reduces blood pressure. Unfortunately, many doctors only medicate to TSH and keep their hypothyroid patients chronically under-replaced while throwing blood pressure pills at them.

My other half's chronically high BP came down when liothyronine was added to her levothyroxine dose, with no need for blood pressure meds.


jazzw I think I should discuss with my GP about thyroid lab tests. My diastolic blood pressure is increased (like 140/100) but I have no heart disease, I am not obese and I avoid salt.


Obviously there can be all sorts of reasons for high blood pressure. But it would certainly be worth asking for your thyroid to be tested yes.

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The doctors are always going on about avoiding salt. My father took loads of salt everyday and lived a healthy life for 92 years.

When I worked in South America I was feeling ill one day the doctors gave me salt tablets (6 per day) I soon felt better. We all need salt but the right kind.


The recommended daily salt intake is 1,500 -2,300mg/day. Those pills are not commonly prescribed to people who live in Western countries where the sodium consumption is increased. Did you have any salt-losing condition?


South America is hot, hot, hot and working on a ship in dry dock conditions is no picnic there is a great loss of body fluid i.e. salt.

I do not have a condition relating to salt. My blood pressure is in the normal range.

A few years ago these pills were regularly given to members of the armed forces fighting abroad where loss of body fluid was a problem.


Hmm, then if I wasn't hypo, my diastolic would be really, really low as it is low enough already (65 on a good day).


I take my own blood pressure and heart rate every two or three weeks just to figure out how I am doing. It's important.


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