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Tired of being emotional/sensitive

I can watch horror movies, documentaries of world war 2, surgeries on tv, I read really rough literary and don't feel upset animals getting killed in nature documentaries. (Not enjoying it but I mean seeing blood and organs does not shock me and I see it just as what happens in the nature)

But watching master chef Australia makes me cry... :S

Seeing videos of my nephew I have not met yet, makes me cry.

Watching sports on TV makes me cry.

So I don't think I am just over sensitive as rough stuff does not throw me off balance. But when people are successful it rocks my world so bad I have to hide and cry.

I feel weird but I understand it might be down to hashimotos as I read other people have been very emotional too?

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I think you're lovely!!!

Please don't think there's anything "wrong" with you; you're getting emotional about the right things. I bet you're a great friend to have and be around.

You may be a "highly sensitive person" (google it)! HSP tend to be rather intelligent, empathetic and beautiful people.

Don't go changing!!!

H x


Thanks :)

At some point I thought I could be highly sensitive person but my fascination to serial killers sort of does not fit :D

I have read about HSP and most things just don't fit. Other people being scared or anything else does not affect me that much than them being happy. Not sure if it is purely compassion or do I envy them and live through their success to be able to feel those feelings as in my life there is not much success.


Yup - some things really get to us...

like other folk in a similar state...

been to another funeral today... hence my short reply, sorry...

- just keep on feeling, it's not good when we can't have feelings or manage to smile...

just go with it

J :D x


Sounds pretty normal to me. :)


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