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I just don't know anymore?

Hi everyone i'm 17 and at 16 recently got diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and i have other mental problems as well i'm scared because its getting bigger by the min i'm afraid if it gets to big i can die people make fun of me saying my necks bigger then my head i've went to the doctors and i just want the swelling to go away i don't know how can someone please tell me how to get the swelling down

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Welcome to the forum, Bgirl157.

Are you prescribed Carbimazole? Has your GP referred you to endocrinology for management?

The goitre won't get so big you'll die but it can make it difficult to swallow and breath when it is too big. It may shrink a bit if you are taking Carbimazole but if it remains large and impacts your swallowing and breathing you may need surgery to remove it along with your thyroid gland.


Hyperthyroidism causes anxiety, so beware that if you feel scared part of this is due to the biochemical effects of hyperthyroidism affecting your perception. This may help you cope a little better.


How long ago were you diagnosed? And have you been put on any medication? Certain 'mental' problems are part of hyperthyroidism.


Having an overactive thyroid also affects your emotional and mental health. You will notice a difference in how you feel about things once start taking medication.


I totally sympathise bgirl, when I became unwell many many years ago my neck became swollen and it knocked my self esteem, but the good news is once I had the operation for a partial thyroidectomy the swelling went away and my eyes settled down so it is not a lasting condition. Have a really good talk to your Consultant/Doctor about the effect this is having on you and try to make sure you get the best possible treatment for yourself. As said above this condition can make you feel very anxious but once you get your medication sorted out you will start to feel much better. This may not help you right at the moment but the situation will change.

Sent with a circle of arms xx


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