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hi can anyone tell me if ferritin levels of 14 are too low my last results were 20 4weeks ago im trying to get to the bottom of Hairloss problem and tiredness I can't seem to get hb level as I don't think receptionist understands them doctor has just written satisfactory for ferritin but from what Iv read this is my stores . I have ferrous funerate at home can i supplement myself ? Will it help thank u in advance

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Yes your ferritin levels are too low.

It would help people to help you if you post the lab range as different labs use slightly different numbers and units.

Most GPs do not understand what ferritin levels mean so if you are within the lab range they consider you are OK.

Other GPs think you are only OK if your level is 30ug/L or above.

Tricholgists, which include some dermatologists, are the only who realise you need to have a level of over 50ug/L to stop hair loss and higher (70-80ug/L) to have hair growth.

I should add I'm basing my figures on the bluehorizon lab I use whose range is 13-150.

Unfortunately ferritin levels don't rise as quickly as haemoglobin levels, so you need your haemoglobin level to supplement correctly.

I would get your haemoglobin level from the doctor as then someone could give you advice on how to supplement properly.

In the meantime take one ferrous fumerate tablet with a vitamin C tablet per day. Perferably on an empty stomach. Make sure you don't eat or drink anything with calcium in it or drink tea/coffee/red wine within 2 hours of taking it.

(I should add I'm not a medical professional I have just have life long iron deficiency problems and I have a life science degree.)


Thank u blue bug they said my haemoglobin was fine so I don't understand why ferritin is low . I will supplement for now as per advise x

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What was your haemoglobin result, with range?

Ferritin is the iron you have in storage.

So you may have apparently enough food on the table (your haeme level) but almost nothing left in the cupboard. You need to build up your stocks.

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I will try ti find out from a competent receptionist an re post very confusing x


if you take iron, make sure you take it with vit c for absorption...raises a lot quicker and yes you need the ranges and if the ranges go up to 100 or above that is very low ferritin and will cause hair loss from everything I have read

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Thank u im going to do thAt and repost x


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