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What are high THYROTROPHIN receptors a symptom of? is it Hashimotos?

i posted all my results on Friday and humanbean very kindly replied but has anyone else got any thoughts on this please?

My b12 is looking a bit low too so I know I need to supplement to raise those levels can re submit my levels if you haven't seen them

Thanks to everyone your support means a lot x

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Thyrotropin receptor antibodies (also known as TSH-receptor antibodies or TRABs) come in three "flavours" - blocking, stimulating and "don't have much effect".

Stimulating TRABs are the cause of hyperthyroidism in Graves disease.

Blocking and "don't have much effect" TRABs often have little effect but blocking TRABs can impact on thyroid output.

The most common TRAB tests do not distinguish among the three flavours - that is very often done by checking out the clinical picture.


Thank you helvella I am feeling so confused by this to be honest.

I am hypothyroid after RAI and didn't realise you could still have Graves' disease which I had when I was hyper.

Humanbean sent me various info but don't think I'm taking things in very well with how I'm feeling


Unfortunately Graves disease does not get cured by thyroidectomy - it is just that the stimulating TRABs having nothing to stimulate. So you do not produce thyroid hormone and so don't become (or stay) hyperthyroid.

I do not know what impact high stimulating TRABs have in someone without a thyroid.


I haven't had a thyroidectomy had a partial thyroidectomy when I was 21 im now 63.

My remaining thyroid was controlled without medication for many years then became over active on off and I was on carbimazole but told by endo that RAI was the answer.

I'm not sure I know what the answers are any more I become more and more confused awith every passing day


Silverlady5, the RAI will have destroyed your remaining thyroid and made you hypothyroid.


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