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Are palpitations a symptom of an underactive thyroid?

I had my first "normal" blood test result about 4 weeks ago since being diagnosed in Nov 2012. For the past 10 days or so palpitations have been regular daily I feel fatigued and feel some of my symptoms are returning. I am wondering if my levels have changed or am I just tired? I also suffer from Plantar Fasciitis which has definitely got worse. I have that horrible feeling is it me or my thyroid? :-(

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They used to say no it was the hypers who got them.

My GP now says both hyper and hypo have them as a few of her patients, me including, have them and are hyper or hypo with or without hashis and graves.

Im hypo with Hasimotos which also mean the palpations are present. I have the panic attack poounding, extra beat and slow beat of my heart. Also high and low blood pressure, low is when lying down, high when I go near an idiot Dr. Mine also love to play up when my blood pressures taken, sends the machine into.panc and nthe nurse too.

Get it checked out, the minimum should do to you should be an ECG. try to time that to when the palpatations are occuring. Asking for a worn 24 hr blood pressure monitor can show the heart up if its playing up and what time it is doing it. The machine they put on you is very noisy as it inflates at set times over the 24hrs.


Hi. Thank you. I have been for blood test today. I did have an ECG back in February and it was fine. My palps tend to happen and be consistent when my meds are not high enough or when an increased dose is taking effect. When I do feel anxious or even think about something they kick off. I think each time I get them at the moment I feel gutted that I thought everything was settled and I get anxious that my results will come back fine and I feel blah again! When I spoke about the palps to the nurse she told me to cut back on caffeine as much as I know this can be a trigger I don't think this is the cause! I will now await the blood test results early next week!


I think it's more likely that you are underdosed if you feel your heart struggling. If overdosed, you would have other symptoms like tight around the chest, breathless like you have too much air. When I was underdosed, usually at night while sleeping I would definitely feel and hear my heart pounding.


I think the first thing would be is to post your thyroid gland blood test results for comments. Did you also get a Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate tested, if not request one.

No matter the doctor said you are 'normal', please get a print out of your blood test results complete with ranges and post on another question. It may be that you are not on enough meds. You still have symptoms.

Levothyroxine gave me bad palpitations. I didn't know what was going on. I had many ECG's which were fine. Sometimes it is fillers/binders which can affect you, so maybe if you try another make it may suit you better.


When I had my first thyroid result back in November last year the doc also did a full blood count test but that came back normal would that have shown the above that you suggested? My last result that I remember was TSH 0.24 and T4 15.0 - does this make sense. The T4 has been fairly consistent it was a little higher earlier on but not much. I will ask for full results next week. Thank you


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