Please sign and share the petition below for equal opportunity IVF funding on the NHS (citizens resident in UK only)

Offer equal opportunity across the uk to all couples for ivf funding in the nhs

Infertility is a diagnosed & heartbreaking disease. Today access to fertility treatment is a post code lottery. Chelmsford is 1 of 3 out of 208 CCGs in the uk that offer no funding at all on the nhs. Yet in neighbouring towns couples can have up to three cycles. One cycle costing approx £6,500 😂

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Please see our appearance on bbc inside and out 08/02/2016 for our story

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  • Signed and delivered,


  • Thanks Jose651.

  • 👍🏻signed, 💞

  • Thanks Suin.

  • What if the equal funding means that no areas offer funding at all? They would all be equal but am pretty sure this is not what the petitioners want. If an area simply does not have the spare money, is it right that money is spent trying to create new life rather than helping the people we already have?

    Xx g

  • I rather tend to agree. Plus there are already so many unwanted children in the world.

  • I believe the lives that we already have should be the priority too. The world is already over populated.

  • HarryE, no-one is suggesting that IVF babies should take priority.

  • There is only a limited amount of money. So money spent on one thing is prioritised over another. But it is an emotive subject, so I'll leave it there


  • I have just been and had a second look at the petition.... It says that of 208 ccg's, 3 offer no funding for ivf. The petition asks for all ccgs to offer equal opportunity. I would be very wary of signing this, at the moment people can travel to a different ccg, but it may be seen that a huge saving could be made by stopping 205 ccg's offering treatment at £6,500 a time. That would even up all the ccg's.

    I am not saying i approve of a move like that, but i feel the petition is not specific enough and its too open to different interpretation from the one intended.

    Xx g

  • Galathea, I presume the petitioner would like equal funding with the best funded areas. As to whether funding is desirable, I think it is or I wouldn't have posted the petition.

  • Done x

  • Thanks Mango555.

  • Hi Clutter, only just seen this, it may be an idea to post it again? Just a thought :)

  • Pastille,

    It wasn't well received so I shan't repost.

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