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Everybody on here please sign and share!!

So import and affects all of us. Hassle all your friends πŸ˜€


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All of our efforts combined can bring the changes we know are needed, for us and those that are ill but don't yet know why.

There are 50k people on here, so c'mon what are you waiting for!

We can make miracles happen.


Have signed and shared, come on let's get things changed, together we can make a difference.


Signed this a few times but I'll keep signing you never know!

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4 days ago this was started and very soon will be at 1000 signatures - I wager within the hour.

There is a ground swell; so if you need persuading to sign and do your bit I hope this encourages you.

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I saw an endo this week who complained that she was being restricted in prescribing T3. I said that many people with thyroid problems were campaigning. She shook my hand and thanked me. I'd like to pass on the thanks to everyone who's doing their bit, whether it's sending letters and emails, hassling their MP, or signing a petition.


Ooo get her to sign!! Endos on board would be great.πŸ˜€


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