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TSH result

After a few years of borderline tsh results I asked for the latest one taken last week......I've been feeling like crap again so I was hopeful that like Mr Micawber something would turn up. Result was 4.54 (range 0.35 - 4.5) The docs comment wasn't even normal ......she'de written Satisfactory!! Reminded me of a school report.

As I see it it certainly isn't satisfactory.....I'm thinking of having a thyroid panel blue horizon done.....has anyone else used this lab test?


totally p..... off !

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Dogtired, Ask your GP why years of borderline results which are now over range is satisfactory? If you are symptomatic she should commence Levothyroxine replacement.

BlueHorizon is widely used by members and while a full thyroid panel including T4, T3 and antibodies is undoubtedly more helpful than TSH only there's not much point in testing unless your GP acts on abnormal results.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


But perhaps dogtired could act on the results herself/himself? I think it is always useful to have a baseline set of results before treatment begins.

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Humanbean, sure it's useful to know baseline results but Dogtired's GP already has a result which can be acted upon but for some peculiar reason finds TSH over range 'satisfactory'.

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Thanks to you both......I'll do the blue horizon and take it from there. Another problem......I had an AF incident last year and now have to take a beta blocker to lower the heart rate which is now around 48- 50bpm. Trouble is I don't know much is due to the beta blocker and / or hypo symptoms.


Is there any chance you could discuss the low heart rate with your doctor? It does seem incredibly low. I don't know anything about AF so I don't know if that kind of heart rate is an essential part of treatment.

Although, given her response to your thyroid results, she doesn't sound like the most sympathetic or empathetic doctor in the world, so she'll probably dismiss your concerns anyway. Perhaps you might want to speak to another doctor at your practice or change practices. See if you can find a doctor with a heart who will listen!


Yes I've thought about moving practice but medical notes follow one around and it really annoys me that well paid medics are so up themselves that they ignore what patients are saying to them. I'de like to get this sorted if I can!!

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I felt dreadful when my TSH came down to 4. I was under an endo who did at least aim to get it down to well below 1. I never felt really great on levothyroxine even when they got it right down, and feel much better on NDT almost as well as I was before overt hypo took a hold. I would guess my TSH is suppressed now - best place for it! I am not surprised you feel pretty bad. Not all docs are so unsympathetic as yours. Some do listen, have a heart and see more than just a TSH number in front of them. I hope you find one very soon and get the treatment you so obviously need.

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I had to go with Blue Horizon and I plan on doing another test with them tomorrow because my GP dismisses my NHS results.

I had a TSH of 5.35 (0.35-5.5) and told it was normal. I went private a few months later and my TSH was 6.54 (0.27-4.20) My T4 was 14 (12-22) and my GP still said I was just subclinical.

I am having my thyroid checked again tomorrow hoping that in 7 weeks it's risen a little and he will finally treat me.

Go with Blue Horizon and send the results with a covering letter to your GP. That is what I did and he finally couldn't fob me off anymore as it was in black and white that I was having thyroid issues, but of course he still won't treat me.

Good luck.


What a tosser!! I'm not surprised that so many people self-medicate.......not something I feel comfortable with as messing around with endocrine issues can leave you worse than before - if you're not sure what you're doing!

Might use genova instead as the cost is less for comprehensive thyroid tests........thanks for your suggestions and I do hope you can get treatment soon.



I had 7 years of being told I was having an early menopause.... Approx 5 stone weight gain, crippling symptoms and thinking I was going to die of cold I finally decided to change practices when my previous quack convinced himself that I was an alcoholic (explained the liver damage and the weight gain as I was obviously drinking my calories).

This was when I decided yo change practices as I'd gone teetotal as soon as I found out about my liver but after 3 dry months wasn't feeling any better and I could not convince idiot quack that I wasnt necking a couple of bottles of wine a day.

I selected my new practice after taking a straw poll of everyone I knew locally; I got a recommendation from a friend who has what can only be described as a challenging personality.

My new doctor diagnosed me from my symptoms and family history within 5 mins. My Tsh has never risen over 1 ish; my T4 and t3 have been below range or within 0.2 of the bottom of the range from 2007 until 2013 when I was finally diagnosed.

Print out the NICE guidance on secondary hypo and anything else you can on this, change doctors (after checking if there's a good one) and good luck


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