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Hi can anyone help me don't know how to go about this. Here goes I've put on 4 stone feeling depressed my doc won't help me all I want is to loose some weight not much to ask for. Got wedding next year want to surprise everyone there I keep reading up about buying t3 from abroad don't know how to go about this can anyone help me. I'm on my feet 24/7 still eat what I had when I was 9 stone 3. I'm on 125 mg levothyroxine. PLEASE HELP ME

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Do you have your recent blood test results ? Maybe you are not converting your Levo into the active T3. No point in starting T3 until you know your levels. It is not a quick fix. I am T3 only and have not lost weight - nor do I easily when I do try.

You could have the tests done privately through Thyroid UK....

How are your levels of Ferritin - Folate - B12 - VitD ? They all need to be optimal for you to feel well - and for your Levo to work. How do you take your levo ? - away from food for about an hour is often suggested here on the forum.

Have you tried not eating carbs say for two days a week and introducing some good fats like coconut oil.....

People will soon be along with lots of good advice....


Thank you marz for getting back these are my last results from hos TSH 0.18 FT4 20.4 FT3 4.6 They did say my TSH just slightly low this has been like this a few times still kept me on 125 mg levothyroxine


Your thyroid results don't look too bad at all - even without the ranges - so I am guessing :-) I would check out the vitamins and minerals I mentioned above - they need to be OPTIMAL for everything to work efficiently.

I would try going carb free for two days a week and eat lots of veg and protein - only one piece of fruit. I think the loss on those two days will spur you on to even greater things :-) From the book/website - The Two Day Diet - which seems to vary from the 5:2 as you can have more calories......


Thank you for your help I will try all you said thank you again

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Hi I am sorry yout are struggling with weight issues. I too put on that weight in 2 months.... I went to my gp crying and not knowing what was going on as I felt so terrible and puffy and so unwell. Eventually they put me on the usual. However my weight never came off and I eventually tried a diet that helped me along with sorting out my vit d. I can message you the diet as I don't know if I can just put the name up. I know ppl pooh pooh some diets but being with a rare bone disease on top of this thyroid stuff I was losing the battle with weight. It's done my daughter and I the world of good (she too has bone condition) and I have lost 2 or more stone. It's not easy with thyroid as you are climbing a hill all the time. But if you can get more activity into your day and with right lifestyle help you will be OK. Ppl on here are brilliant with advice. Mine is just a little help... even though I am due six major joint replacement surgery I still keep moving the best I can just a little bit at a time and use my lifestyle changes with product. Gp is well pleased with us both. Not perfect but... what is... good luck x


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