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There is hope out their

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to post some good news - I think I am finally on the road to recovery with this liquid T4.

I am starting to feel human again, not taking much but what I am taking seems to be going where it should, a few minor issues but I am told they will ease as the body gets used to the meds.

I am very happy and will hopefully make a full recovery - Their is hope out their everyone, never give up xxx

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Stupendous news, KW. To help others who may want to know more about it, can you say more? How did you get it, where did you get it, what kind of doctor prescribed it, how does the dose compare to tablets, etc.

I know it's been a hard road at times.


Hello Heloise,

Yes of course, It took a change in surgeries, assertiveness and persistence. I complained about the last endro I saw, and requested if I had to go and see another one then it should be at a different hospital. My request was granted, my first visit with her went ok, she said I can only give you T3 or T4 which you have had, so I asked for the Liquid T4 - she looked shocked, did grumble about the cost - but then calmed down when she realised i was still in full time work - she put it in the letter to my GP (docs had no problem giving me the liquid T4 but it had to be signed of by the surgery manager, so touch and go for a bit)

I could not take any of the Thyroid meds tablets because they all made me so Ill - so in comparison this is much better, it will take a long time to build it up but I do feel in the end I will get their. Also been changing my diet and taking a good selection of Vitamins and doing gentle exercise and yoga when I can.

I am not out the woods yet but the path is getting clearer


That is most helpful. The fact you were working.....I assume she tried harder to get you healthy so you could continue to work. I hope they soon realize that one size does not fit all with thyroid treatment and thanks to your efforts, maybe that will happen.

All your words are good advice for others.


I hope it does, once I am well, I hope I will be able to help others.

This site and everyone on it have helped me so much x


It's eerily incredible how similar they sound. I've ready so many stories on this site but never one that struck nail on the head quite like your partners. Nice to see someone else understand rather exactly what Ben and I do, on both ends as the patient and carer.


It does seem utterly barking that liquid Levo costs nearly £85 a bottle (compared to under £2 for the tablets).

So glad you're doing better--really good news x


Thank you LilyMay, Is that how much it costs? That is much less than the T3.

It does seem odd that the tablets are much cheaper - no wonder they are the first choice


KW, that is brilliant news. You've had such difficulties, I'm glad you've finally found something to help you xx


Thank you Clutter, I am hopeful in time I will be able to tolerate more but at least I am doing better and their is light at the end of the Tunnel xx


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