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Tried Prazosin,was on it for 8 weeks.Felt extremely dizzy all the time.went back to see doc and asked if I could try Nifedipine as I also had trouble with circulation in hands,Raynards,he gave me prescription 10 mg. once a day.So far so good,keeping my fingers crossed.Blood pressure is perfect,hopefully it continues and I don't get any bad side effects ,only effects so far are feeling a bit warm for a while,in fact it is the only time my temperature gets to be normal,I am always 35 or there about,never been any different,unless I am ill .Also had my B12 injection,got PA ,and got antibiotic for chest infection.Oh the joys of old age and Hashimotos.

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I was put on ordinary Nifedipine, three times a day. Felt bad in the head for a few weeks and face easily flushed. Would also fall asleep after taking it, but that could've been due to untreated sleep apnoea.

Checked things out and thought the sleepiness was due to not being on the modified release type, which I was prescribed after a break of a few months. Was pleased to see the circulation return to the skin of my fingers and legs, and the modified release version is easier for me to handle head-wise, though leg swelling can cause problems, so they tried me on Amlodipine, which concentrates the swelling at ankles and feet. Amlodipine seems more effective at controlling the blood pressure, but is no good for me, and my feet soon felt cold.

Pleased for you your BP is good -- I'm sure my hypertension is secondary, but it seems a battle to get a doc to get to the root of the matter: fingers crossed it's primary aldosteronism.


So far so good,apart from it seems to be causing arthritis in my back and knees,hope it goes away,I may have to choose between arthritis or high blood pressure. Can't win. Ah! Such is life.


I tried nifedipine slow release and it was terrible. Flushed so red and had palpitations so badly that I was unable to sleep. I couldn't stop shaking. Horrible. I never took it again. Clemmie


This list doesn't inspire confidence:

I asked a hospital pharmacist about the non-slow release Nifedipine and was told hospital doctors are a law unto themselves with their prescribing. Like the A-hole who sent my Mum home bunged up with kaolin when she had C.diff :-(


Been really ill today,could hardly walk,knees hurt and terrible back pain. Not taken nifedipine today.Going to docs tomorrow.he wasn't there today.

I hope it's not my kidneys.I can take medication for a few days ,no problem,then get all sorts of pains.seems like it builds up in my system.Blood pressure shot up,used nitro patch,now gone down. Sucks this old age.


My GP questioned why hospital had given me Nifedeprine (I investigated and found it was not recommended long term) and put me on Amiodipine. I felt dizzy and spaced out with aching legs so asked to be able to change to Losartan, which others had recommended - GP then told me to take both!


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