Diet, fibre and Hashis/hypo

A post yesterday 'To eat?', had the following helpful advice from Greygoose:

You need a clean, balanced diet. Plenty of protein and good fat, fresh fruit and veg, some carbs, not too much fibre, and don't skimp on the salt - sea salt of pink Himalayan. Best to cook everything from scratch because processed food tends to contain unfermented soy, and other nasties.

I'd be interested in the reason for the advice about not too much fibre.

Prior to my Hashis diagnosis, I suffered IBS for decades. Finally, after investigations, GPs, consultants, I realised that too high fibre was the problem. Indeed, not chewing thoroughly gives me dreadful bloat and pain, even now. I find well cooked food suits me much better than raw. Smoothies can cause dreadful bloating. Meat is hard to digest, etc etc.

We are advised that low fibre is not great for gut health.

I'd appreciate some advice from fellow hypo sufferers on this topic

Thanks folks

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  • Hmm well meat is low in fibre, actually. If you're having digestive issues it might be because you have low stomach acid, that's a known hypo symptom. Have you considered that? There are ways to improve it, other members are more knowledgeable than me on the subject, but your problems might not be simply down to eating high fibre. :)

  • Thanks so much, I was on Omeprazole a,d Lanzoprazole for a year with a stomach ulcer that would not heal. From my reading on the site I now realise I probably had low stomach acid, and now it is healed I will look into this again.

  • Hi,

    I think it's important to find what suits your own body best, as long as you get enough of what it needs from clean unprocessed food.

    I read Chris Kresser & Mark Hyman's dietary advice, as a lot of it makes sense, but don't eat meat, or take enough exercise to stick to veggie paleo. I've met people who do a FODMAPs diet, that works for them & stops IBS.

    I personally find a very high fibre diet with not too much starch, suits

    me as until I started taking thyroid hormones, my digestive system was sluggish. After making myself more ill on a vegan diet, I now eat organic kefir daily.


  • How interesting, I have recently gone vegan.

    How did it make you ill?

  • I ate tofu most days, as well as 4-5 litres of soya milk a week, also lots of raw cruciferous vegetables. I got fatter & more sluggish, the more "healthy vegan" food I ate, & had little vitamin D when tested, as I'd thought my D2 intake was high.

  • I said that because, from all I've read, high fibre reduces absorption of thyroid hormones, because they're rushed through the gut to quickly, before they get absorbed.

    But, as we always say, everyone is different. I would say, just be aware of the problem, and consider it if you appear not to be absorbing your levo very well.

  • I don't eat anything for at least two hours after my NDT/T3, usually longer. My veg, fruit & nut binge is usually later in the day. Is that ok, Greygoose?

  • I don't know. I don't know how much fibre is too much, and how much is too little - I doubt anybody does have the actual figures. Besides, we're all so different.

    And, in any case, I don't suppose anybody actually takes the fibre at the same time as their levo, but everything meets up in the gut. It all depends on so many things. The point is to be aware that fibre can cause a problem with absorption, and to try lowering your fibre intake if all else fails. It's being aware of things that is important. :)

  • Thanks for your advice, Greygoose!

    I've found an odd but happy medium of what & when to eat, & I feel like I'm on the right track with my hormone intake. B12 seems next on my list of things to fix! :-/


  • Well, that's quite an important thing! Good luck. :)

  • That is helpful. Thank you

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