My swelling legs

I'm currently under another consultant - vascular. Seen cardiology ❤️ Good, ct scan kidneys good, endo doesn't think odema related to thyroid as put me on t3 the last year and hadn't shifted any. Waiting to find out from vascular if this is lipodema. As there's lots of posts about odema I just wondered what's everyone thoughts? Lipodema / thyroid related....

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  • I've had this too, but not all the time. I just seem to get bad spells where my ankles and legs are swollen each evening, and haven't fully gone down by the morning. I'd put it down to the thyroid, and a build up of mucin in the tissues.

    I'll be interested to hear from others about this.

  • This is what I look like 24 hours a day, worse in the heat/sun my feet then swell to the point of only being able to wear flip flops. They also swell up more on a plane

  • Oh dear, I know how that feels in the hot weather, and on a plane too. My feet also swell in those circumstances. Sometimes flip flops or crocs have been all I could get on.

  • My legs and ankles look the same as yours but my feet are also more puffy on top - I take medication for high blood pressure so I'm unsure if that is the cause or because of being hypo.

  • I'm only on Levo & lio. Nurse did check my blood pressure about 5 weeks ago said it was perfect

  • I was taking t3 only for 5 weeks and legs started swelling - have come off it and they are going down. don't know if it is a coincidence or not

  • My legs were swollen before endo put me on combination T4/T3. Hasn't changed at all. I think that is why endo saying not thyroid related

  • It could also be related to the fact that he hasn't got the T4/T3 dose right yet. Getting the right combo is not trivial, it can take months.

  • I think it looks like lipodema that's what I thought mine was but I think mine is myxadema

  • If you look at my photo I have the skinniest ankles but if solid calves

  • I've looked at your photo, my legs are solid, there is no definition in shape at all. My GP says I got this alongside with going through menopause early at 43 😤

  • I'm sad if it is lipodema as you can't get rid of it. It's solid and hurts everyday along the sock line by the ankle. My skin is sensitive get bitten very easily. Everyday my legs ache.

  • Mandy the doc said he tested me for menopause and I wasn't but you can be in parimenopause for years before, I don't think he tested me at all as that test wasn't on my print out I'm also 43 and my mum had early menopause, I have a sock line everyday too and it hurts, i always get bit too mainly on the legs.

    I went for an ultrasound for dvt my right calf get so sore after standing for a while, I could of told them I didn't have dvt, but they wouldn't look at the composition of my skin as that was not what they're job was, what a joke!!!!

  • Hi Mandy this article might be helpful if you live in the uk

    Lipodema ladies search it, I don't know how to do links

    Other than that the only other way to know for sure is get some thyroid s or natural thyroid as that should help given time, it has for me

  • How long have you been on thyroid s? Do you buy off Internet? So you would say your swelling has gone down since using it? I will take a look at lipodema ladies thanks

  • 6 months, yes off the internet from Japan/China it was £40 for 1000 tablets, I take 3 spaced throughout the day, I was in 250mg of levothyroxine before, you can see my back and arms are loads better on the after photo, I'm sure the rest will look better given time, my clothes aren't tight anymore and dropped a size in my jeans too, I'm sure it will help

  • Thyroid S is a product of Thailand.

  • Yes I think so it's got some Chinese style writing on the label on the glass bottle

  • interesting, I am post menopause and have swelling all over the legs and have to buy loose stretchy socks so they don't bind and I am not obese but could lose some pounds...but I gain in legs and they seem puffy and I heard this can be from undermedicated....and thyroid can effect tissues, or low testosterone making muscles mushy, or unbalanced hormones

  • Did they test all your hormone levels? Yes thyroid S really works I still have thick skin for now but don't feel like my skin is stretched any more

  • I was undermedicated and on t4 only and now on ndt and changing dr checking everything...and I was low in testosterone and dhea and estrogen dominant

  • Thinking of changing my doctor my Dhea will be checked with my adrenal tests but not been tested for any of them

  • Many women take progesterone usp, because many are estrogen dominant...toomuch estrogen to progesterone ratio, but some need estrogen too...and magnesium helps raise testosterone and so does weight bearing exercise, and dhea is considered the youth hormone and some take 7keto for that since taking dhea directly can effect all hormones....

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