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Finger Prick Test - TIP!

Use your ear lobe!

I remember this from my student nurse days. It yields a good supply of blood and isn't as painful as your finger (we used this technique with diabetics that had really sore fingers and had to have regular BM testing). Also if you're slightly needle/pain phobic, it's far less intimidating.

I remembered this morning after (unsuccessfully) trying to use my finger.

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Good tip I'm sure most will be grateful.


Thanks Shaws :0)


how the heck did you drip the blood from your ear to that tiny little bottle!

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It's a small bottle but with a wide neck - I just held it underneath. The blood drips quite nicely - plus I have one hand to hold the vial and one to hold my lobe. Easy!

My first attempt with my finger was far more tricky.


all whilst looking in a mirror, I'm impressed.


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