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Pre assessment appointment today

Hi everyone i had my pre assessment appointment this afternoon i got there early and went straight in to have swabs taken, an ecg which i wasn't expecting and my weight and blood pressure reading taken

I saw a pre assessment nurse after that who was really nice and talked through everything i then had blood tests done with a thyroid function test included

The stressful bit came next i had to see the anethetist because my heart rate was high on my ecg i always get so nervous with doctors dentist and hospital appointments that my heart races but at home i take blood pressure measurements and they are fine

But i now have to wait for my thyroid function test to come back to see if i have become overactive as a high heart rate is a common symptom and if i am my op will be postponed until my levels are stabalised so its more stress and worry but i know it is better to be safe than sorry x

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It is much better to be sage than sorry. You've got my sympathy with the increased heartbreak. My blood pressure and pulse go mad when I get anywhere near a doctor. I have my own BP matches and take readings at home, our surgery has a record sheet so I fell that in and take it along with me when I go to the surgery and they're happy with that. Good luck with it all.


They call your reaction to doctors .. 'white coat syndrome' Usually, if the person who is taking your temp and bp knows you react this way, they leave you alone for 15 mins or so and let you calm down and then take your bp. Some docs will even trust your 'at home' bp numbers if you have kept a log and checked/calibrated your bp machine with the one in the doc's office.

Practicing meditation can help with this condition. Spring Forest Qi Gong is an easy one to do.


Thank you for your replies i really appreciate all the support on here take care x


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