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I have had underactive thyroid for over 20 years. Put weight on at the time and never lost it despite every diet under the sun. I would love to get myself sorted and feel well but I have great difficulty in getting to grips with the intricacies of the blood results mentioned on here. I have never seen my test results and never asked my gp for them, I suspect they will refuse or make it as difficult as they can - they do this with getting appointments. They have reduced my thyroxine to 125mcg from 150mcg and I do not feel good after 3 months. I just made an appointment and have to wait 2 months to see gp to ask for a blood test! Will supplements help? Is there a simple explanation re the intricacies of the blood test results so that I can get a grip with my fuzzy brain? Many thanks

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Hi There,

I am in a similar boat regarding not really understanding results etc, but I am sure somebody better informed will be along to inform you shortly. Your GP should not refuse you your test results, I called to obtain mine this week and they were available for me to collect on the same day.

What kind of symptoms are you experiencing and what was the reason for the reduction in thyroxine?



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Thanks, Rob. They reduced my medication saying my results showed I was over- medicated. As I said, I don't know my exact results, but my energy levels are worse. I have other symptons such as aching joints but am always reluctant to 'lump' every symptom i get under the 'it must be my thyroid banner' just in case it's not. Many thanks for your input, I appreciate it.

Gillian, it is your legal right to have a copy of your blood test results Under the Protection of Data Act. If they refuse, they are breaking the law. It is not up to them to decide whether you can have them or not.

When you get your results, post them here, and someone will help you to understand them, explaining simply what they mean and why.

As to suppléments, well, dépends what you mean by suppléments. If you mean a multivit/mineral, then no, they won't help. What you need to do is get your

vit D

vit B12



tested. When you get the results of those, then we can tell what you need to take, and how much. In the meantime, you could always take vit C - a whole food vit C is best, one made from rose hips or arcerola cherries. Start with a low dose, and you can work up to as much as your stomach will tolerate. Vit C is very good for everything.

And stay away from diets! At best they won't help you lose the weight, and at worst they could make things worse. Eat plenty of good, clean food - Don't worry about calories - Don't avoid fat or salt. Avoid processed foods and soy. To lose weight, you need your FT3 to be optimal, otherwise you will have a hard time losing it and keeping it off. Life is hard enough when you're hypo, Don't starve yourself on top! :)

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Thank you for such a great and thorough reply. I really appreciate your time. I learnt re the diets after many many years dieting and feeling such a failure. Do I ask my dr for all these tests and can they refuse? Would it be worth getting the testing done privately? Many thanks again.

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Yes, you can ask. Yes, he can refuse - he has no idea of the value of nutrients, non of them do. And, yes, it would be Worth getting them done privately. If they are low, you're going to feel terrible - especially the B12. But, you need to know your level so that you know how much to take. No point in taking too much or too little. :)

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Many thanks once again. I have not felt right for over 20 years so maybe it's time I did find out exactly what's what. Thank you

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You're more than welcome. :)

Maybe the links above will help....

Your GP should do the vitamin tests but if not then Blue Horizon or other companies can help you.

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I'll take a look at these. Many thanks. I appreciate it.

Gilliandf, I've had this same problem for about 14 years. I too gained weight (about 3 stone) before they found out what was wrong & ive never lost it! I posted on here for the first time a couple of days ago & this is the first time I feel I can tackle test results & try & get it sorted. I too think symptoms can't all be related & yet they all seem to come back to my thyroid!

I too need my results - which I will ask for tomorrow & have been referred to an endo for the first time, but the waiting list in Notts is lengthy so no idea when.

I hope you get sorted & will read your post with interest, take care



Thank you Rennixon. I hope you get sorted. I have 'tried' to ask GPs about my thyroid problem over the years but Drs have usually been dismissive. I have to wait 2 months for a GP appointment, but I hope to get another blood test soon. Let us know how you get on. 😃

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